A Place For Everything, Everything In Its Place.

Gadi Adelman
January 11, 2020

Founding father, Benjamin Franklin, speaking on the second amendment stated, “They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

Franklin is known for many of his quotes, he also stated, “A place for everything, everything in its place.” I doubt that when he said that he could have ever imagined that it would be so appropriate when referring to a range bag.

The people at Elite Survival Systems Must have had that quote in mind when they designed their Loadout Molle Range Bag.

Full disclosure before I dive into the review of this bag. Elite Survival Systems sent me this bag for review only, it came with a return label so that it could be returned it once the review was completed. I feel obligated to point this out so that everyone understands that it is unbiased and I am not receiving any compensation or allowed to keep the bag after the review.

If you own any weapons and ever go to a range, which you should do as a responsible gun owner and practice, you need a gun bag or what is also known as a range bag.

Aside from the obvious, that a range bag should have enough room for what you plan on carrying, there are many other criteria that it should meet. Strong, yet lightweight. Movable and removable sections allowing you to setup the bag to meet your particular needs just to name a few.

Before I decided to review this particular Range Bag, the Elite Survival Systems Loadout Range Bag, I looked over and read the reviews of dozens that were available online. There were several reasons that I chose to review this particular bag and they will be explained within the article.

The first thing that caught my eye when looking at the bag, were the zippers. Aside from being high quality, heavy zippers, every zipper on this bag has a plastic tab that is attached to the zipper head with paracord. I did not see any of these tabs on any of the other bags I had looked over.

The tabs on the zippers make it so much easier to open and close, it has to be mentioned. If you’ve ever had any gun oil, moisture, or dirt on your hands and tried to grab a zipper, you know how difficult it can be. I can tell you that you will not have an issue opening or closing anything on this bag with these tabs. This may seem like a very small detail, but Elite Survival Systems added it and it’s just one of many features that shows the thought that went into the design on the overall quality of this bag.

The entire bag is made with 1050 denier nylon and if that’s too technical, suffice it to say it is a very heavy, thick and long-lasting material.

The second thing that jumped out at me, was the width of the shoulder strap and the handles. The other bags that I looked at, even those in the same price point, had very thin and flimsy shoulder straps. The shoulder strap on the Load-Out Molle Range Bag is not only very wide, but it is also heavily padded and one side is rubberized so it will stay put on your shoulder.

The main outer handles are not only just thicker and heavier than other bags, but they are also wrap around handles that are sewn all the way around the bag and double sewn again at the top. These handles are not going to rip or come off the bag with use.

Again, this may seem like a small detail, but when you consider the weight that you are going to be putting inside it from weapons to ammunition, you need a strap that is wide enough to handle that weight. Also, dispersing the weight over a wider strap makes it much more comfortable.

I was very impressed that every compartment of this bag is not only separately sewn but padded as well, the padding is extremely important, especially to keep any metal objects from banging together inside the bag.

The exterior, like the interior, is extremely well-thought-out. The front and end pockets have laser-cut Molle slots to allow for the attachment of accessory pouches. The front of the bag has a small velcro portion over top of the Molle area so you can personalize the bag with whatever patches you like.

As I explained in my ‘out of the box’ video that I did on the bag, the only real complaint that I had was that the velcro area was too small. Most people, like myself, like to personalize their bag and probably have more than one or two patches. But that is more of a suggestion to Elite Survival Systems rather than a complaint.

One side of the Loadout Molle Bag has a removable dump pouch for your expended brass that attaches to your belt as well as the Molle platform. Being able to remove the dump pouch and strapping it to your belt is another well-thought-out idea, it allows you to walk around and collect your brass and then reattach it to the Molle system on the bag.

Next to the dump pouch is a water bottle pocket and has an elastic band around the top and it will not only accommodate a standard size water bottle but a travel mug as well.

The opposite side of the bag has a removable AR magazine pouch that holds 2-4 magazines that are also elasticized on the top to hold the magazines firmly.

Everything on the interior of the bag is Velcro allowing you to remove whatever you may not be using and create more space in the bag.

The inside of the front pocket behind the Molle Velcro section is a large, fully padded pocket that has the following removable Velcro pouches: a magazine pouch that holds a minimum of 8 magazines that will accommodate both single or double stack magazines. Above the mag pouch is an eyewear pouch as well as a mesh parts pouch with a Velcro flap.

Another feature that I like is that when you open the main compartment, it unzips down all the way so you can lay it out flat creating a work area, it is like having a built-in gun mat.

The main reason I had requested to review this particular bag, was because of the bag within the bag. I had not seen this feature on any of the other bags that I looked at online. This lift-out insert has a Velcro adjustable divider and plenty of room for ammo and accessories. I like that you can remove it and place it anywhere once you’re at the range.

Just behind the lift-out insert is a pull-out pistol pouch that has a padded divider, it will hold at least two full-size handguns, even something as large as a Colt 1911 Govt..45 which is 8.5″ in length will fit nicely inside. I found that you can fit up to four small handguns (two per side) if they are compact or subcompact such as the Sig Sauer P365.

Another feature that impressed me was actually on the bottom of the bag. Every other bag that I looked over, and I looked over two dozen bags, only had four very small, thin square rubber feet on the bottom of the bag. Also, the feet were sewn onto the bottom of the bags.

The Loadout Molle Range Bag has two thick rubber luggage rails that run the entire length and are riveted to the bottom of the bag. When you set this bag down it is staying put and the bottom of the bag is thick enough that it will not collapse under the weight of whatever ammunition, weapons, and accessories that you have inside.

The dimensions of the Loadout Molle Bag are 17″ x 10″ x 11″ And it is available in either black or coyote.

The bottom line, as with any gun or gun accessory boils down to the price. The Loadout Molle Range Bag is listed on the Elite Survival Systems website with a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $159.99, I did find it for as low as $127.99 on Amazon.

During my search for range bags, I saw some that were more expensive as well as some that were less expensive. However, the overall design and quality of this bag is well worth every penny. I honestly believe that this is a bag that would never have to be replaced.

Overall I give the Elite Survival Systems Loadout Molle Range Bag two thumbs up. I encourage you to watch my ‘out of the box’ video because being able to see everything that you can attach and fit into this bag with room to spare has to be seen to be believed.

To sum it up, as I stated in my video, I do not plan on sending this bag back to Elite Survival Systems. I have already been in touch with them and I am purchasing this bag for my own use. That is without a doubt the best recommendation.

This is truly a practical tactical range bag.

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2 years ago

With all the crap that’s going on its time to stop trying to sell us stuff we don’t need and focus on real preps . I for one am getting damn tired of you trying to sell stuff like this

gadi adelman
gadi adelman
2 years ago
Reply to  Whitewolf

First off, just because YOU don’t need it, doesn’t mean that no one does. Secondly, I’m not trying to sell anything. I do reviews, some items are good, some are bad, that’s why it’s called a “review”. Thirdly, you want me to do more “prepping” items? I guess the trauma bag or the weapons that I have reviewed don’t fall into that category as far as you’re concerned. Lastly, I don’t give a damn what you think, here’s a novel idea… If you don’t like my reviews, don’t read them.

Rabbi Will
Rabbi Will
2 years ago

Great review Gadi, as always I find your reviews to be very interesting and helpful. You are one of only a few people whose reviews have been thorough enough to actually get me to buy (or not) the product without actually handling it firsthand! That’s trust you can’t purchase it has to be earned and you have earned it so thanks!

Elizabeth D Sams
Elizabeth D Sams
2 years ago

Another informative review on a needed tactical range bag. The video is great, this is so important to know if you need something -- who wants to buy anything online and have to ship it back? I don’t know what is wrong with “Whitewolf” -- this article and video is just useful info -- the reviewer does NOT make any money period on these products, this is a service only. I am always amazed and glad for people who take the time to make a video just to help other people. Thank you for doing this review -- and “Noli sinere nothos te opprimere!”