Acorn “Damands” Local Government Cut Ties with JP Morgan Chase

Acorn has been rebranded in New York as New York Communities for Change. One of their programs to help organize communities is to pay people $10 per hour up to $100 per day to protest at Occupy Wall Street.


The level of education “damanded” for this job is minimal as demonstrated in the graphic above.

Here is their “issues” statement  (I changed the color of “effect” to point out that it should be “affect”):

NYCC Members take on the issues that effect working families in New York everyday.

Here’s a few of the things that we’re working on right now:

Affordable Housing


Worker’s Rights

The meek shall inherit the earth but the uneducated will inherit Acorn. Never underestimate the ignorant: Hitler was regarded as an uneducated thug by respected Germans. Propaganda is effective when hope is lost and undefined change is more acceptable than doing what is right.

Do you think the government is doing what is right?

David DeGerolamo

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