Assange – Saudi and Qatar Fund Both ISIS and Clinton

And what the Saudis want is a war to eliminate their competitor, Iran, and to establish a Saudi (Sunni) Caliphate across the entire mid-East, and ultimately around the entire world.

And the Clintons are complicit in this plan, that is why the Saudis and other Saudi-aligned nations have given the Clinton Foundation hundred of millions of dollars.

A Clinton presidency therefore represents the final “Lock” of a foreign power on the United States in terms of our foreign policy, and on our monetary (FED) policy as well, because one of the primary Saudi concerns is maintaining the $USD as the world’s Reserve Currency.

Our founding Fathers warned us about “foreign entanglements” and this is exactly what they were concerned about – that the US could ultimately become a puppet-government controlled by a foreign power.

Neither the Clintons nor the Saudis have any compunction against assassination, so the real risk is that Trump will be targeted by a Sirhan Sirhan attempt, perhaps even before being inaugurated.

When this election day is over, and they declare a “winner”  – this is not the end; it is but the beginning of the next chapter in the conflict between the Globalists and the growing Nationalist sentiments in the United States… a conflict which must soon go beyond money, and words, and visible positions of power – soon, it will be fully unleashed upon the streets of America.  What we have seen thus far, with the riots of the Bolshevik Liars Movement, has been nothing more than stage dressing and rehearsal for the greater conflict about to be unleashed among us, for the purpose of focusing the American populace’s concerns firmly at home, so that we do not see what our government and military are being used for abroad  …



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5 years ago
Reply to  Average Joe

Yep -- their war, not ours.

But then again, the whole Iraq deal was 1st, of our own making (we funded and trained Sadam Husseins army), and 2nd not really our war, either. But we spent a decade, a trillion dollars, and lots of American blood on that patch of sand.

Same again for 90% of our action in Afghanistan.

Military adventurism since WWII has been a large part of America’s undoing.
…and Clinton wants to do nothing but escalate our engagement in multiple conflicts, both current and brewing for the near future.