Barack Obama’s Socialist School

boschoolThe Barack Obama Academy,  located in Pittsburgh PA, is a school with  socialist roots.  This academy is an IB school, or an International Baccalaureate school, which has been recognized as a NGO partner of UNESCO since 1970.

The International Bureau of Education (IBE) may also be inserting its freedom-killing agenda  into your child’s school without your knowing it.
The  IBE is  part of  the UNESCO (U.N.) organization and was founded at the International School in Geneva by educators and officials of the League of Nations, which was the forerunner to the U.N.  Adolph Ferrière (1879 – 1960), who was an integral part of foundation of the International School, is considered by some as a father of progressive education.  From a biography on Ferrière on the IBE website:

To combat the law of survival of the fittest which results from capitalism, he (Adolph Ferrière) suggested a counterbalancing force of co-operatives of producers and consumers, of which he was a fervent supporter.  Only ‘scientific sociology’, in the hands of skilled and trained experts, could enable the will of the State to coincide with the fulfilment of the will of the people through a dirigisme combining the same mixture of ‘science and common sense’ that Ferrière recommended in education.

I have to admit that I had to look up the meaning of “dirigsme” used in the above reference.  The definition is quite telling.

From Bing :

Definition of dirigisme (n) di·ri·gis·me government control: full and direct government control of a country’s economy and social institutions

So Ferriere, according to the The International Bureau of Education, advocated that only trained socialists be allowed to educate our children.

These  skilled and trained experts”  may be found at a school near you.  It would appear that the US got a head start to the socialization of our educational system when President Woodrow Wilson appointed Arthur Sweetser to the League of Nations.  Mr. Sweetser, who became very influential at the international school,  was also present at the inception of the League of Nations in Paris in 1920 and directly involved in its development.

So what types of  subject matter may the “trained expert” teachers be teaching our children?  From the UNESCO teacher indoctrination program  “Reorienting Education for a Sustainable Future”

“A sustainable future will require fundamental changes in people’s values and in the way society operates. “Achieving sustainability will depend ultimately on changes in behavior and lifestyles, changes which will need to be motivated by a shift in values and rooted in the cultural and moral precepts upon which behavior is predicated. Without change of this kind, even the most enlightened legislation, the cleanest technology, the most sophisticated research will not succeed in steering society towards the long-term goal of sustainability.”

“Education for Sustainable Development means including key sustainable development issues into teaching and learning; for example, climate change, disaster risk reduction, biodiversity, poverty reduction, and sustainable consumption. It also requires participatory teaching and learning methods that motivate and empower learners to change their behaviour and take action for sustainable development. Education for Sustainable Development consequently promotes competencies like critical thinking, imagining future scenarios and making decisions in a collaborative way.”

Sounds like it might be time to homeschool.

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