Beginning of the End ?

In the video linked below, Bill Whittle describes the evolution of man in terms of three “meta-changes”.

Agriculture and Industry each caused traumatic dislocations in the pattern of human life.  Bill explains the progressive movement in terms of human response to life patterns in the industrial age.

We are immersed once more in the dislocation of familiar life patterns as we transition from late industrial into the “digital age”.

Whittle explains that the attributes of this information age are transforming men into “dispersed, decentralized, independent, interconnected, free agents.”  

In this model, economic structure is once again becoming “horizontal, independent, light, fast, agile, decentralized, local, smaller, cheaper.”

Whittle postulates that government for this “third age” will have to become “fast, decentralized, local, smaller and cheaper” as well. 


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If Bill is right, economic forces of the digital era will naturally move us toward the government designed by our Founders and structured in our Constitution (prior to Reconstruction and the changes of the progressive era). 

We must survive the death-rattle of the progressive era.

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10 years ago

Mr. Whittle makes some interesting points and if he is correct, we can see hope in the future. He does not address the upcoming economic collapse and he does not address the greatest problem in this evolution of civilization.

As we progressed from hunters to farmers to factory workers to information age “freemen”, the fragility of our lives and survival increases. It is great to be able to pull out a device from your pocket to order goods and services from around the world but a series of EMPs will nullify this lifestyle immediately. Imagine no electricity, gasoline or grocery stores. Imagine all of the things that our children have that we did not: cable TV, DVRs, computers, Internet, video games and a dumbed down education. How would our children manage in a world with no technology?

The video is thought provoking but we must never lose sight of the consequences of a fragile economic system and a fragile guarantee of freedom.