Bush Family Also Involved in Sex Tourism/Sex Slavery??

WASHINGTON (CNN) -4 January 2005– Former Presidents Bush and Clinton launched a joint effort across partisan lines to raise money for victims of the devastating Indian Ocean tsunamis after the White House tapped them Monday to lead an effort to drum up private donations.

President George W. Bush named his two immediate predecessors on Monday, saying, “The greatest source of America’s generosity is not our government; it’s the good heart of the American people.”

Flanked by his father and Clinton, Bush told reporters at the White House, “I have asked two of America’s most distinguished private citizens to head a nationwide charitable fund-raising effort.”

The two men will “ask Americans to donate directly to reliable charities already providing help to tsunami victims,” the president said.

Both former leaders emphasized that cash, rather than goods, is what relief agencies need right now.

“It’s better to give the aid agencies the money and let them spend it as they need it the next several weeks,” Clinton said on CNN’s “Larry King Live.”


There is no specific proof at this time that the Bush Family was knowingly involved in the Clinton Foundation’s funding and facilitation of a child abduction and sex slavery ring run by Jeffery Epstein.  However, the question is now firmly on the table as to what President’s Bush Senior and Junior knew about the Clinton operation, and when they knew it. 

We also need to establish when the Clintons became collaborators with the Child-abduction ring of Epstein and Silsby – The Clintons may actually have been at the very center, introducing Silsby and Epstein and coordinating their criminal activities.  This is an essential, and thus-far unanswered question, but it appears that the Clinton’s knowledge dates back at lest into Bill Clinton’s presidency, but may extend back much further.

There is also developing evidence that the 0bama’s knew about this progressive influence-peddling ring, and were aware of the sexual slavery aspect of the operation, perhaps as early as 2009 ~ when “leverage” was applied through this influence-peddling ring, to pass Obama-care.

Returning to the facts available and confirmed at this time: there are logged flights of Jeffery Epstein’s “Lolita Express” private jet to the areas where those natural disasters were occurring, and the correlation also indicates that the flights began once the “aid workers” from Laura Silsby’s “disaster relief organization” were on the ground…

The implications are pretty clear at this point: the Clinton Foundation funded and facilitated Laura Silsby and her people to go into disaster areas and “shop for minor children” who matched the requests of pedophiles within the Progressive influence-peddling ring.

These children were “set aside” for “personal interviews” with those seeking to purchase them. The interested purchasers of these child sex-slaves traveled to the disaster areas on Epstein’s private jet and “interviewed” the children; those children who the pedophiles found satisfying were then brought back to Epstein’s private island as sex slaves aboard Epstein’s “Lolita Express.”

Below is a partial extract from the Flight Logs of Jeffery Epstein’s Private 727 Jet, dubbed the “Lolita Express” –  We are working to correlate additional flight times of Epstein’s aircraft and destinations, with the activities and locations of Silsby’s group, as we do not yet know how far-reaching this affiliation is, but there is sufficient first-pass evidence to demonstrate, Prima Fascie, that Silsby, the Clinton Foundation, and Epstein acted in concert to engage in an international criminal enterprise.


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