Caller Threatens to Hijack Two Aircraft at JFK

(NBC News, New York)  Two airplanes at John F. Kennedy Airport have been cleared after a caller warned that hijackers were targeting them.

The planes had already landed when the call came in, law enforcement sources said. The planes were searched in an isolated area as a precaution, and the level of concern was low.

The affected planes were an American Airlines flight from San Francisco, and a Finnair flight from Helsinki, sources said.

The Finnair flight was cleared around 4:30 p.m., a federal official said, and an all-clear on the American Airlines flight followed shortly afterward.

The Port Authority Police received a phoned threat that hijackers wearing gas masks were hiding in the wheel wells of a plane that left from Chicago, but the information was vague, sources said. The American Airlines plane was carrying four federal air marshals, sources said.

If you think this spate of bomb threats, and now hijacking threats is all for show, then you’re probably correct – but what would make more sense than to frustrate and anger us, causing a massive expenditure of public resources, which will, after several weeks of un-accomplished threats, devolve into public complacency, if no real event occurs?  That is when a successful attack would have the greatest effect, from a terrorist perspective.


~Sic Semper Tyrannis!

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