Campus gun ban had no deterrent effect on UCF shooting

UCF's gun ban had no effect on Seevakumaran's actions.

UCF’s gun ban had no effect on Seevakumaran’s actions.

That a former University of Central Florida student still living on campus did not carry out a wider plan to shoot others in his dormitory and instead turned his gun on himself was a mere matter of luck for his potential victims,the Orlando Sentinel is reporting this morning.

“James Oliver Seevakumaran, 30, was found in his dorm room in Tower 1, a seven-story structure near the UCF Arena,” the story reports. “He died from a single shot to the head fired by one of his newly purchased guns, police said.”

He had a handgun, what police call an “assault weapon,” hundreds of rounds of ammunition and “handmade explosives” which another report describes as “four bombs.” Writings found in his room reveal he had planned a wider attack, which he evidently decided against.


h/t Matt Bracken

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