Checkmate: For Twenty-Two Years You Were Warned

“…. everything I have said today is not a bluff – it is not a bluff, believe me – and … those who live in the past … unable to look into the future … [should] stop rocking the boat we are all in which is called the Earth.”

We may be in more trouble than we already thought.

This essay by JR Nyquist may be one of his most concerning yet. It is a follow-up to his previous article, which I reposted here. Please read the entire post, then see the summary points below.

In his State of the Nation Address, Vladimir Putin said, “Russia ranks among the world’s leading nations with a powerful … defense potential,” Putin added, “The next few years will prove decisive.” Then the Russian leader adopted the tone of that kinder guy whose soul George W. Bush claimed to have glimpsed. Putin admonished his countrymen that Russia must not fall behind technologically. Cities must be expanded and other “large-scale” projects must be embraced. Putin spoke of “family farms” and shrinking the state’s share of the economy by state sponsorship of “start-up entrepreneurs.” With these and other deceptive flourishes, the Russian President plodded toward a stunning presentation. The speech turned from boring promises of a shiny socialist future (without using the “s” word), to Stalin’s trick of making his victims soil themselves.  

PLEASE read the entire article here…

So, to summarize what Russia now has:

1. They have increased their long-range high-precision weapons carriers by 12 times, and the number of guided cruise missiles by over 30 times.

2. They now have the Sarmat missile, which weighs over 200 tons, and can launch 10 large warheads, 16 smaller ones, or a hypersonic boost-glide vehicle.

3. They have developed nuclear powered strategic arms (missiles) that do not use ballistic trajectories – this means that they are unpredictable, and therefore, virtually undefeatable.

4. A nasty little submersible drone that can travel up to 185 kilometers per hour and can withstand a depth of 1000 meters – oh, and it can carry a 200 megaton cobalt 59 nuclear warhead that can create a 500 foot tidal wave on any of our coastal cities, and render the area uninhabitable for years.

5. They have successfully tested and deployed a hypersonic aircraft missile system that is not 5 times faster than the speed of sound, it is 10 times faster than the speed of sound. Aircraft carriers are defenseless against it.

6. They have hypersonic high-precision weapons systems that can hit targets at intercontinental distances and adjust their altitude and course as they travel.

7. They have troops that have been armed with laser weapons for at least a year.

In contrast, we have the useless and failed F35 aircraft that tears itself apart when it engages it’s gatling gun. We also have the Ford CVN nuclear powered aircraft carrier, which after four years still has not completed its post-delivery test and trial period.

But, as one comment posted on JR’s essay indicated, our diversity is our strength.

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2 years ago

Putin will wipe his butt with our diversity

2 years ago

Who knows maybe we could be blessed with a tsunami over Communist california.

2 years ago
Reply to  AngryVetNC

Most of CA’s rural counties are Red. It’s only the urban coastal shitholes which are the source of Woke insanity.
But, yeah, San Fagcisco, Hollywood and Silicon Valley should be turned into radioactive wasteland.
Add D.C. to the list of places that should be wiped off the face of the Earth.
We should also all the fucking shitlibs and democrats to those nuked areas so they can all die from radiation sickness.

Dov Sar
Dov Sar
2 years ago

The real reason we should fear is not the strength of Russia’s weapons, or our ‘diversity’; no! We should fear because we are an immoral, evil, and arrogant country that does not fear God as a whole. In fact, one of our congressman said there was no need of God in the congress, and no one complained. God Himself is sending judgment.

2 years ago
Reply to  Dov Sar

yet, some still wonder or question why there is no mention of America -- or any symbol representing America -- in end times Scripture… I’m sure it was just an oversight on the Lord’s part. /sarc/

2 years ago
Reply to  Grandpa

Both of you are seriously under-thinking this in basing your responses via religiousity..which is NO different from idiocracy..just harder with the mental delusion that there’s an “imaginary Sky Daddy” that exists and takes a daily interest in you.
Contrary to your indoctrinated and propagandized beliefs, NEITHER Russia or China are an existential threat to America, nor do they want to control or own America. That’s because America is ALREADY under the subtle but full control of the Globalist -- pedo -- Rothschild Banksters that call “The City of London” home..they and theirs have owned America since at least 1913 via their financial coup, aka the formation of THEIR ‘Federal Reserve’ banking scam and followup actions.
What, you say you DON’T understand or know ANY of this?…
Well, let me lay some heavy and necessary truths on you here.
The Fall of America -- The Financial Coup in 1913 -- And What Happened Afterwards……
Most people certainly DON’T know the history of “The BAD War” and the both outright and subtle influence exerted by the Globalist pedo -- Rothschild Banksters and their created bolshevist and zionist foot soldiers and supporters and enablers, like one FDR, among others.
Let’s just cut to the chase and be done with it!
America WAS conquered in 1913 by the Globalist pedo Banksters from “The City of London” aka the jewish Rothschilds as well as their domestic agents and fellow “Hostile Elites”, especially the Rockefellers via the creation of their privately owned ‘Federal Reserve’ banking system fraud -- read Griffen’s “The Creature from Jekyll Island” to understand how this happened and who was involved.
Those Rothschilds and their fellow travelers, and both jewish bolshevists/zionist foot soldier cadres took their first steps in attempting to create a Talmudic based jewish globalist Rothschild owned and jewish bolshevist/zionist controlled world by conducting the coup against Christian Russia and the Czar and the Czar’s family in 1917..with that success (backed by the financial war chest of the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Armand Hammer and other aligned globalists). Their bolshevist virus exploded forth from conquered Russia in an attempt expand and invade every other nation across Europe that they could..they certainly had America firmly in their sights as an American version of the comintern was already in existence by that time.
Lenin and ‘Trotsky’ (Lev Bronstein), responsible for the genocide of the Kulaks and other successful and independent minded Russians, using starvation and terror especially in the Ukraine. Why aren’t there any memorials to the Holodomor and it’s victims?..oh, that’s right..they were predominantly Christian and caucasian… Stalin of course continued the bolshevist orgy of terror, death and murder as did his successors including Khrushchev.
Hungary under their agent, ‘Bela Kuhn’ (Moritz) fell..but was able to break free and regain her freedom with the help of Romania.
Poland was assaulted; but able to defend herself from jewish bolshevism/zionism.
Germany fell to the jewish bolshevists/zionists led by Rosa Luxemborg and others in 1921 but thankfully they were able to be roundly defeated by the patriotic German Freikorps and Rosa and her fellows were lawfully tried and properly and rightfully executed for their crimes.
National Socialism arose in Germany as a legitimate and organic defensive measure and movement against the continued depredations both financially and culturally by the Rothschilds bolshevist/zionist agents that were operating openly in Germany..many unfortunately were able to flee to America, especially the founders of the Frankfurt School; where they quite joyfully set up shop once again with the support of domestic American (in name only) fellow bolshevists (with ample yet subtle support from FDR and fellow bolshevist/zionist enablers and supporters).
Cultural Marxism, anyone?…..
One of the first things that Adolf Hitler did was to end the crushing debt-based slavery that the Rothschilds and their ilk had saddled Germany and her people – he even went so far as to have one of the Rothschilds that was in Germany arrested for their financial crimes.
Of course, Germany, under Hitler and others wise governance soon ended the stagnating severe unemployment and cultural degradation that was the hallmark of the jewish bolshevist/zionist controlled ‘Weimar Republic’ and while America suffered needlessly under the ‘Great Depression’ [purposefully created by the jewish Global Bankster owned ‘Federal Reserve’] and Europe suffering equally, Germany came to have the healthiest economy and truly happiest people..even Lloyd George of Great Britain came to personally see and comment on the economic and cultural miracles that Hitler and his National Socialist government had achieved and were creating.
None of this however was sitting at all well with those who own and operate “The City of London”…a financially sovereign, prosperous and happy Germany couldn’t be allowed…if other nations and peoples looked too close at the National Socialist experiment, they might try to emulate it too and thereby break free from the the Rothschild’s ‘finance capitalism’ debt-based enslavement…and the talmudic supremacist Rothschilds just couldn’t allow that..not at al!!
So, they contrived to destroy Germany and Adolf Hitler and the German People in a ‘second’ “World War”..a ‘Holy War’ as spewed forth in an insane rant on ABC radio by zionist bankster agent Samuel Untermeyer.
The war was fought, their jewish bolshevist/zionist elements via communist Russia and elsewhere were the victors, they got their ‘international political control mechanism’ aka the U.N. into creation and made damn sure that slowly but surely such things like ‘nationalism’, ‘patriotism’ and ‘love of one’s own people and culture’ were slowly and repeatedly under quiet but unending assault via their jewish bolshevist/zionist Frankfurt School and other forms of education that could be quietly invaded by them while the stranglehold was completed on the media, both print, radio and film..especially their domination of ‘Holly-pedo-Weird’.
Political control was accomplished by them via their front organizations like AIPAC, J-Street and others. Honest investigation, let alone legitimate criticism was deflected/downplayed by their front organizations like the ADL and SPLC and others.
Congressmen, Senators and others have been forced to take a ‘loyalty oath’ to israel by AIPAC for decades; otherwise financial and social support could be turned off like water from a tap.
In Texas, they held hurricane victims financially hostage unless those Texans signed a written pledge to not be critical in either word or print of the Rothschild’s terrorist corporate/military colony ‘israel’ -- as a foreign enemy entity they made them sacrifice their right to freedom of speech in order to be eligible for ‘federal help’ with hurricane disaster relief.  
John McCain and Joe Liberman KNEW who was really in charge; it’s why they flew to “The City of London” to meet with the Rothschilds in a subtle bid to curry favor to be [s]elected as pResident and vp; obviously the Rothschilds DIDN’T think there was sufficient long term ‘Return on Investment’ and turned them down and sent them back here empty handed.
Trump?…the Globalist Rothschilds have owned Trump since they saved him from personal bankruptcy that he created on his own in the 1990’s to the tune of over $1 billion. As Bankster attorney Alan Pomerantz said in a videotaped interview, “..We OWN him! -- He works for us!!”
So now, we arrive at where we find ourselves in ‘current year’ America. The congressmen, senators, judges and pResident DON’T work for any of the productive working class individuals – not at all!
They are all nothing more than mere corporate employees of the jewish globalist banksters that call “The City of London” home. They say what ‘Boobus Americanus’ want to hear every 2 or 4 years; then they go right back to being the docile compliant workers for ‘Global Bankster Inc.’ as soon as peoples attention let alone eyes aren’t on them any more. 
They even offer up their progeny as cannon fodder to the goals and aims of the Globalist Rothschild Banksters aggressive warmongering..all while suffering the attack on 9/11 with the instigated controlled demolition of ALL three World Trade Center Towers via THEIR spy/assassination organization, ‘mossad’.  Dr. Alan Sabrosky, a military veteran and jew has openly stated, “They [the israeli government] did it! -- THEY did 9/11!!”  Watch the Architect & Engineer’s documentary about 9/11 if you still doubt the truth of this.
And ‘voting’ will NEVER make anything’s just another ‘Kabuki Theater’ entertainment deception/deflection ploy to get ‘Boobus Americanus’ to bow down and grant them legitimacy to be financially if not physically enslaved again..and again…and again…
There is no ‘left’ or ‘right’; again ALL politics is nothing more than a contrived Kabuki Puppet Theater put on every 2 to 4 years by the Uniparty that IS owned by the Globalist Banksters such as the Rothschilds and their related tribal ilk. Dr. Carroll Quigley, as one of their insiders actually spoke openly about what the excercise of politics really was for:
   “The argument that the two parties should represent opposed ideals and policies… is a foolish idea. Instead, the two parties should be almost identical, so that the American people can throw the rascals out at any election without leading to any profound or extensive shifts in policy. Then it should be possible to replace it, every four years if necessary, by the other party which will be none of these things but will still pursue, with new vigor, approximately the same basic policies.”
— Dr. Carroll Quigley
The political Uniparty Kabuki Puppet Theater is used to give generally gullible Americans the illusion that they have an actual say ‘in how things are run/decided in America’ and/or that the people that they [s]elect are their ‘representatives’ that ‘work for them/represent them and their interests’. It’s all no more real than any ‘outcome decided in advance’ wrestling match..the WCW/ECW or ‘Cage Match’ played out/delivered in the national arena to also entertain them…
And also unbeknownst to the rubes, pigeons, marks, oops sorry, “voters” the real purpose of the political Kabuki Puppet Theater is to subtly reinforce the imagined legitimacy of the controlling parasite class via THEIR corporate employees (the [s]elected ‘representatives’) as they once again anesthetize the host for continued feeding, deceive, distract, misdirect and play divide and conquer courtesy of tawdry yet overpriced colorful bunting and really crappy canned music.
Northern Yankee Carpetbaggers could at least be openly seen and understood for what they were….
The species of Boobus Hu-Lemmings Americanus however continue to believe both in the contrived criminal fraud known as the ‘constitution’ (read either Kenneth Royce’s “Hologram of Liberty” or Lysander Spooner’s writings on the subject to understand this) and the near religious sanctity of “the political process”, especially “voting”, the regularly trotted out controlled Kabuki Puppet Theater is guaranteed to continue to keep them docile, entertained and indoctrinated and fleeced/sacrificed as cannon fodder to the satisfaction and $$$profit$$$ of the Globalist Bankster class.
As the late George Carlin said, “It’s a BIG Club, and you and I AREN’T in it!!”
Now, knowing and understanding this,..doesn’t it make you feel all warm and fuzzy that the jewish Globalist Banksters and their bolshevist/zionist control elements WON ‘The BAD War’?….
Where would you be if ‘commades’ AOC, Pilosi, Biden, Nadler, Scheumer, Finestein, McConnell and other ‘corporate employee’ parasite enablers weren’t around to guide and lead you?….
NorthGunner -- The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

2 years ago
Reply to  NorthGunner

nice wall ‘o text!!

2 years ago

Couldn’t make the Vid play, but the Pics that the Russian Navy have posted of the Weapons System show a standard, Cylindrical Torpedo, with Shrouded, Counter-Rotating Screws. It is 2 Meters in Diameter and over 20 Meters Long. It is Deployed in a Canister that is carried Externally by a “Belgorad” Class Nuclear Submarine. Four Launchers can be carried.
As for a “200 Megaton Cobalt warhead” last I saw on the Rus.Mil Websites was for Funding to produce an unspecified number of a new version of the 100-Megaton “Tsar Bomb”.
The Application Suggestions that were made for this Class of Nuke are “Geologic” in nature. A Tsunami Effect is achieved by firing one or more Torpedoes into the offshore Continental Shelf, the Collapse of this Cliff creates the “backflow” for a Tsunami. On the west Coast, a pair of these Fired into either ends of the “San Andreas Fault” in Washington State and Baja in Mexico should “Jump” the Fault and cause a Scale 9 -- 10 Earthquake plus setting off All the Volcanoes.
Another proposal is to Load Up one of those “Sarmat” Heavy War Rockets with this Round, and Drop it into Yellowstone Caldera, setting off a Volcanic Explosion hundreds of times larger.than any in recorded History.
Don’t F*kk with the Bear. it’s that simple.

Raymond Hietapakka
Raymond Hietapakka
2 years ago…umm…ahhh…Northerners should learn to stick together. We’re only 7% of the World’s Population. WE are the minority.