Chris Wray’s FBI Is Investigating Whether Hunter Biden Emails are “Russian Disinformation Operation”

FBI Director Christopher Wray Not Cooperating With AG Barr's Spygate  Investigation – Burying Documents – FBI – Federal Bureau of Investigation

Mr. Wray is trying to become the face of the Deep State.

  1. He hid the evidence on Hunter Biden’s laptop that would have exonerated President Trump and prevented the Deep State plot to impeach him last year.
  2. He is withholding documentation that the President has ordered to be released without any redaction.
  3. He has the FBI investigating whether this latest Biden scandal is a Russian disinformation operation:

From Yahoo News:

The FBI is reportedly investigating whether emails published Wednesday by the New York Post in connection with widely discredited corruption allegations about Hunter Biden are part of a possible Russian effort to spread disinformation ahead of the presidential election.

NBC News first reported the existence of the investigation, followed by the Associated Press and CNN, which cite administration and congressional sources.

The alleged emails came to the Rupert Murdoch-owned tabloid through President Donald Trump’s personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, who claimed to have acquired a copy of a computer hard drive belonging to the son of Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden. The authenticity of the emails has not been independently verified, and reporters pointed out major errors and holes in The Post story after it was published.


President Trump needs to fire this traitor immediately. This action would be a blow to the Deep State, infuriate the Democrats and bring the Hunter Biden laptop information into the forefront of the news.

David DeGerolamo

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6 months ago

Another unbiased investigation by the premiere for sale fbi. When will funding be pulled from this organization and others???? The wick in the candle is getting shorter and shorter.

6 months ago

There are only two possible conclusions as to why this guy has this job.
Trump got bad advice from people he thought he could trust,or,Trumps in on the whole thing.

Alan burnbaum
Alan burnbaum
6 months ago

Any time you have the fake news using a “qualifier” in front of a subject -- possible russian effort- you know it’s a communist democrat, fake news lie!

John comey
John comey
6 months ago

Or, putting an incompetent moron, with no cause and effect genes, in place, as director; Pretty much turns the fbi into nothing more than fish swimming against the current in a flushing toilet, under the orders of Wray. As a human, his credibility is done!