CRA: The Clinton Reinvestment Act?

Close, but not exactly. It’s the “Community Reinvestment Act” which the (D)emocrats cooked up and passed under the Carter administration, but which the Clinton administration and democratic Congress put on Steroids when they “updated it” in 1995.

The video is long and dreary to watch, but at least view the first half – it shows in a reasonably concise fashion *exactly* what Clinton and the rest of the ‘New Democrats’ (a.k.a. American Communists) did to create an intentional housing bubble and ultimate crash of the US financial and banking system, for the express purpose that they could then claim “unregulated capitalism is too dangerous” and impose vast government regulation on all economic activity – creating a system which would be hard-line communist (based on the Chinese model) in every form and function, save for it’s name.

And now Hillary wants ‘her turn’ in the Oval Office, to finish what she and her rapist husband started while they were the ‘first family’ twenty years ago.

Let me point out one last interesting bit – THEY TIMED THE COLLAPSE.  Seriously.  In 1999, the most common ‘Variable Rate Mortgages” were 7/1-ARM notes – that is, the rate is fixed for the first 7 years, and is variable every year thereafter (ARM standing for Adjustable Rate Mortgage).  I know, I got such a loan.  In 2001~2003, the most common variety was a 5/1-ARM, and in 2005 it was down to a 3/1-ARM.  In all these instances, the point at which the rate became variable was between 2Q2006 and 2Q2008 – so they created a “funnel” wherein all those holding such ARM mortgages would need to refinance in the 2006~2008 timeframe, or face increasing interest payments on their home loans.  This factor, coupled with the huge spike in gas prices in the fall and winter of 2007/8, and thus consumer pricing overall (via transportation costs), put most holders of these ARM mortgages in a very tight, and VERY PREDICTABLE BUDGETARY PINCH.

And all this was orchestrated to come in the 18 months prior to the 2008 Presidential election cycle.  Coincidence?  Judge for yourself, but I think not.  Hillary Clinton expected to enter the office of President in January 2009, with a fresh “emergency” to work with to impose a massive regulatory coup on all financial activity.  Interestingly enough, those which were not beneficiary parties to the plan of the ‘New Democrats’ were able to rally a candidate and a position to counter the Clinton coup, and thus we got Barrack Obama instead.  But Hillary and her Corporate cronies are still intent upon finishing their plans, and thus here we are, 8 years later.

Anything less than a vote AGAINST HILLARY is Treason, folks.  It really is just that clear.  This election is NOT about Donald Trump.  He isn’t a great candidate.  He isn’t even a good candidate in many ways –

But, as a PROTEST VOTE against the hardline communist Clinton regime, Trump will serve the necessary purpose of derailing the Clinton Plan to finalize their communist takeover of the United States.  For that reason alone, I can and shall vote for Trump – not for what he IS, but for what he is NOT…



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