Cyprus Coverup the Next Benghazi?

Just over two years ago, a Russian owned, Cyprus flagged vessel, carrying munitions to Syria, was boarded and searched.  The ship was turned back to Cyprus, and the US instructed the Cypriot government to impound the munitions.  The munitions then explode without apparent cause, wreaking massive damage to main naval base in Cyprus, and an electrical outage which paralyzed half of the island for weeks.

Two years later, as hearings are set to begin into the facts of who sent the munitions, why a Russian vessel was flying the Cypriot flag, where they were going, and who might have caused the unexpected explosion at the naval base, Cyprus suddenly has a major banking crisis, protests in the streets, and “no way to move forward” with the investigation?

I smell a rotten fish…

~Those who abuse Liberty, sentence themselves to death!

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