Dallas Under Attack By Mosquitoes: 10 Deaths Reported

(Dallas News) Mayor Mike Rawlings has declared a state of emergency in Dallas over the spread of West Nile virus. He also requested that Dallas County and the state provide aerial pesticide spraying in the city to control mosquitoes that spread the virus.

The virus has claimed 10 lives in Dallas County. Five of those were Dallas residents. Many of those who died were in frail health and had underlying medical conditions.

“I think this is the right thing to do. I cannot have any more deaths on my conscience because we didn’t take action,” Rawlings said.

The city has seen 111 reported infections that caused 65 hospitalizations. The majority of reported cases have been the more serious neuro-invasive strain of the virus.

Rawlings said that 25 percent of all West Nile virus cases reported in the country have been in Dallas County.

Aerial spraying remains extremely controversial. Opponents say harm from the spray is far more serious than the risk of West Nile infection.

City Manager Mary Suhm said spraying could begin as soon as Thursday. The state will determine the spraying schedule.

When I went to CBRN school (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear) at Ft. McClellan, AL we learned that two of the most effective disease vectors for biological warfare are mosquitoes and rodents.  This is true because they are difficult (if not impossible) to control, reproduce quickly, and are highly effective at distributing the pathogens they carry throughout a target population.  This makes me wonder, “how did West Nile come into existence?  How and why has it suddenly spread throughout the world?  Is this a natural occurrence?  Regardless of the origins of this or any other biological threat, how do we protect ourselves?”

I’m not asserting that West Nile virus is a man-made bio-weapon, but I am wondering how, in just a few years, it went from being a localized north-african issue to being a world-wide threat?  Those who love to assail such questions as “rediculous conspiracy theories” aside…don’t we deserve answers to such questions?

Remember where I wrote that we are subject to 5th-Gen warfare?  Well, 5th-Gen tactics include “destabilization efforts” including inciting social unrest in the target country/region through racial, political, and financial “triggers”, as well as creating a generally high-risk/high-volatility environment through propagation of disease, crime, corruption, and misinformation.  Two key tenets of 5th-Gen warfare are: exacerbate and exploit every weakness of your enemy, and maintain a low-intensity war which “does not give substantive cause for escalation”.  The third of the key rules of 5th-gen is, “never give your enemy a clear target for retaliation – act as one consolidated force, but appear as many smaller factions/entites, and instigate divisive and paralysing debate in the target country about ‘who the real enemy is’.”


~Those who abuse Liberty, do so at their own peril!

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