Ebola Reappears – Coincidence or Not?

Ebola has made a reappearance – There has not been a confirmed outbreak of the rare and deadly hemorrhagic fever since September 11th, 2007, when an outbreak occurred in Kosai Occidental province, in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where at least 100 people died of the disease in Congo, with additional deaths in Uganda and surrounding areas.  Prior to the 2007 outbreak, we had not seen a confirmed outbreak of Ebola since the Gulu, Uganda outbreak of 2000 which was the largest documented outbreak of the disease since its discovery in the early 1970s – Here’s what is being reported thus far:

KAMPALA, Uganda (AP) — Six more patients suspected to have Ebola have been admitted to the hospital days after investigators confirmed an outbreak of the highly infectious disease in a remote corner of western Uganda, a health official said on Monday.

Stephen Byaruhanga, health secretary of the affected Kibaale district, said possible cases of Ebola, at first concentrated in a single village, are now being reported in more villages.

‘‘It’s no longer just one village. There are many villages affected,’’ Byaruhanga said.

In a national address Monday, Uganda’s president advised against unnecessary contact among people, saying suspected cases of Ebola should be reported immediately to health officials.

Officials from Uganda’s Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization announced on Saturday that the deadly Ebola virus killed 14 Ugandans this month, ending weeks of speculation about the cause of a strange illness that had some people fleeing their homes in the absence of reliable answers.

If the six new cases are confirmed as Ebola, it would bring to 26 the number of Ugandans infected with Ebola since the beginning of this outbreak.


A curious correlation has been asserted between Ebola outbreaks and other events in the world – the speculation centers around the premise that  Ebola outbreaks appear to occur just months before major world events, such as 9/11 and the Financial crash of 2008.  This is a particularly interesting proposition, since the zoological reservoir from which these outbreaks emerge has never been identified, and is therefore an attractive topic for conspiracy theorists and those who believe in occult influences.

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