A Common Sense Solution

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2 Responses to A Common Sense Solution

  1. Hadenoughalready says:

    Excellent and long overdue. Any teacher, trained in it’s use, should be allowed to concealed carry their weapon on school grounds. A properly trained person also knows the responsibility that goes with it. Safety First!

    Let’s not go off assuming some 80 year old Granny-teacher is packing a .44 magnum, ok. It’s for those teachers who CHOOSE to carry; it shouldn’t be a mandate. But it should be a prohibition, either.

    Uniformed guards are nice but they cost money; especially if they’re off-duty cops. Private security is also great but also expensive. But then, what is a child’s life worth…? How about for the price of a carton on milk per student, per day, for security??? I’ll buy you a case, ok!

    Average response time for LEO’s is 7 minutes and when seconds count, it’s already a lost battle.
    Gun-Free zones are a welcome sign for those intent on killing or robbing. Notice no one ever attacks a Police Station or attacks a Brink’s truck?

    All it takes is fair notice that the school grounds are protected by armed personnel, whether true or not, no one will attack. Cowards don’t take chances.

    Cowards do NOT like being shot at -- it a known FACT.

    Having worked 12 years K-9 Security in the greater Boston area, I base my comments and opinions on historical facts.

  2. ZebBlanchard says:

    Putting students in a closet seems to be one of the first lines of “defense” in a school shooting incident. One wonders who it is that comes up with nonsense like this. Putting students in a closet equates to putting fish in a rain barrel.

    Our school campus has three “resource officers” (deputies) on duty during school hours. The campus is acres and acres large, i.e. when seconds count the cops are minutes away. But . . there are armed personnel on the campus, useless but there. Why not advertise that fact as a deterrent, as mentioned in the above comment?

    Signs are cheap; children’s lives are precious!

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