A Corrupt System Denies Liberty – T.L. Davis

TLDavisThere are two stories in the news lately that need to be highlighted and confronted. There is the Nathan Haddad story, which I have highlighted in a previous post, then there is the Keith Pantaleon story out of New Jersey. Each deal with arrests over banned weapons and/or magazines, clear violations of the Second Amendment.

A right, as in the right to keep and bear arms, is a right of all of the people of the United States and that right is absolute, it cannot be infringed by any government, not just the federal government, because it is an individual right and goes with a person in whichever state they might reside. Localities might attempt to infringe this right through legislation, but in a nation where the Constitution was upheld and not redefined by every Supreme Court of every age to fit some social engineering concepts, there would be no such laws.

We have seen the degradation of every right that might lead to greater liberty of the people and a validation of every legislation that might reduce the liberty of the people. This is tyranny. This is failing to make laws with the intent of the Constitution which, at every turn, at every phrase screams that it stands for limiting government and therefore its ability to oppress. It is a document that demands that the liberty of the people be respected and championed.


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