A Question Concerning How to Help

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I received this email today:

I have read your work for some time, and I respect your positions.

I would like to ask you on simple question: “What can I do – how can I help?”

I am well past my prime and not physically able to do much ‘heavy lifting’, but at the same time I have been active in the liberty movement for decades. Lately, I have suffered from a crisis of confidence in my ability to accomplish anything meaningful in this arena, so I am looking for advice.

I am not a man of great wealth or talent, but I am willing to participate where I can. Can you offer me any concrete suggestions?

Thank you!


Zebulon, NC


My initial thought was to respond to this email individually as I have done in the past. Then I thought about other emails and real life interactions that have presented the same question. We know that the federal and state governments have usurped the power of the people. They use our tax dollars against us. The use the media against us. In fact, let’s face reality: they have been at war with us for a long period of time and we are funding this war. For those who understand that there is no voting our way out of this, what recourse do we have?

We should remember what our forefathers did when faced with a tyrannical government: they sought the help of God. And they received it. They also warned us that we must be vigilant in order to keep this Great Experiment.

There are four references to God in the Declaration:

  • The “laws of nature and of nature’s God” entitle the United States to independence.
  • Men are “endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights.”
  • Congress appeals “to the Supreme Judge of the world for the rectitude of our intentions.”
  • The signers, “with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence,” pledge to each other their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor.

Let’s be clear: they are referring to the God of Abraham. Those who hold us in contempt for religious intolerance are only trying to hide the truth of our founding principles.

Our God has endowed us with un-a-lien-able rights. This is the proper context and no government can put a lien on them (unless we allow it).

From March 10, 2019 concerning the opening prayer to the House of Representatives: Omar Suleiman, the founder and president of the Dallas-based Yaqeen Institute for Islamic Research, was introduced by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi after having been sponsored by Texas Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson.

Our Congress has become a temple of evil. Period.

And then we come to the last reference: with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.

And this is the answer to the above question. We must do everything we can do to pass down a legacy of Liberty to children. We have to understand that our lives are meaningless to the enemy that we face and that we must sacrifice this life instead of compromising it. Our fortunes have been given to us by God for a reason; do you think now is the time to help secure our freedom and fulfill God’s vision for this nation? Only God can bestow sacred Honor upon us. We know what must be done in order to receive this recognition.

I am not asking for anyone to do more than I myself have done. May the Lord give us the same aid and answers that he gave our forefathers.

David DeGerolamo

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8 Responses to A Question Concerning How to Help

  1. Publius Huldah says:

    Yours words are True.

  2. 173dVietVet says:

    David- -- This is so well said, I am forwarding it to all on my lists.

    What we can do starts first among those we can educate and influence.

    Then we can join with others to take coordinated actions to bring our beliefs in front of the Sheeple who have been led astray.

    Thank you for your wisdom……

  3. Rabbi Will says:

    Zebulon means exalted! And that man certainly is for his willingness .I pray for wisdom for him.

  4. WE must dictate to all infringement violators that we will not CONSENT.

    ALL “gun control” laws (State & federal) are infringements on our Rights!

    We will not CONSENT! Our RIGHTS are UNALIENABLE!

  5. a follower says:

    “We should remember what our forefathers did when faced with a tyrannical government: they sought the help of God.”
    we and those around us should take heed in this. Since 9:11 have we as a Nation returned or turned to God? When ? When was the defining moment,because i have not witnessed it. Have we as a Nation, humbled ourselves?
    Have we as Individuals? Truly?
    i believe this is the only course. ‘As Individuals.’
    Something very Major would need to take place for this Nation to change direction, and we ( an Remnant) should be prepared.

  6. Kevin says:

    David, Thank you.
    Raleigh, NC

  7. thisisme says:

    Thank you from California. God speed.

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