A Request That We Should All Get Behind

Dear Rep. Cleveland-

   Would you introduce a bill reserving committee meetings and speaking opportunities for U.S. citizens and legal North Carolina residents only?  In addition, requiring U.S./NC identification at the door.

   It was an outrage to citizens that many illegal aliens were not only in the meeting, but speaking en masse. And, not just speaking, but maligning our elected officials. Furthermore, stating that citizens were “the past” while the illegal group and their supporters were “the future.”

   How much more of this type of activity do voting taxpaying citizens have to endure?

Thank you very much for your leadership role in introducing immigration enforcement bills and serving on this immigration committee.


Maureen A. Wilson
Cape Fear FIRE
Wilmington, NC

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1 Response to A Request That We Should All Get Behind

  1. David Forms says:

    The problem does not have to be legislated. Our elected officials should have the intestinal fortitude to stand before these people and demand that they leave and contact law enforcement to escort them from the meeting. Illegal aliens have no right to input their concerns or petition us to address their concerns. But, as long as our elected officials allow this it will continue.

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