An Interesting Turn of Events for Fort Calhoun Nuclear Plant and Cooper Nuclear Station

The Army Corps of Engineers (COE) spokesman Erik Blechinger made the following statement concerning the Fort Calhoun Nuclear Plant and the Cooper Nuclear Station:

“Nebraska’s two nuclear plants aren’t being factored into the Army Corps of Engineers schedule of dam releases. Flood-risk reduction is our priority right now. We are working closely with OPPD and NPPD, so I would never say that we wouldn’t consider adjusting releases, but I can’t imagine all the possible scenarios. Currently, there is just no flexibility in the system.”

Brig. Gen. John McMahon has stated that the six dams along the Missouri River are in no danger of failing:

“It’s not to say there aren’t issues at different places that we’re monitoring closely. But in terms of the integrity of the dams, that absolutely is not a concern.”

So the question to be asked is quite simple: Why are you not concerned about the two nuclear plants if the integrity of the dams is not in question?

If Fort Peck dam breaches, the remaining five dams will also breach and these nuclear plants will be flooded or possibly washed away. The consequences of one dam breach will be catastrophic and the COE must release as much water as possible in order to save the dams. That is why there are no alternative considerations including the nuclear plants.

As stated in the article “Who Is Really at Fault at Fort Calhoun?“, when will Congressional hearings be initiated to investigate the flooding of the Missouri River Basin and the actions of the COE? Nebraskan Sen. Ben Nelson has made the following request to the COE:

“The Corps must make it clear that the safety of the Fort Calhoun and Cooper nuclear power plants is among its highest priorities during the ongoing floods. Nebraskans, Iowans and others throughout the Midwest deserve to know everything is being done to make sure the nuclear plants continue to operate safely.”

The flooding is expected to continue through August.

David DeGerolamo

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