And Nothing Will Be Done

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6 Responses to And Nothing Will Be Done

  1. David says:

    It’s bad when you realize George Carlin was a genius when he said it’s a private club and you ain’t in it,and he was right.
    We are nothing to the elite.
    If we have to defend our homes and families,which seems certain now,we won’t get to strike a single blow to the ones who deserve it.Their stupid minions will be our attackers and when we have lost good men and defeated them,we are going to be easy pickings for the Feds.
    I don’t even care anymore.Just want a net gain in my death.All I can do.

  2. Ichabod says:

    Of course nothing will be done. No one should be surprised by this. He won’t go down, Hillary won’t, Obuttfucker won’t, none of them will. They are above us, above our laws, about reproach. They all are. What are you going to do about it? Charge them in their courts? Please.

    I’m going back to tending my fall garden. That I have some hand in making productive. All of this “news” is just more proof that there’s nothing you can do, nothing is going to change. Opting out is your only real choice. Start getting smart with crypto, get smart on the tax code so you can legally only pay $750 in taxes, and if goods ever become available again stock the fuck up.

  3. Charlie's Ghost says:

    Why bother posting this? Nothing was done about a coup to overthrow a legitimate Presidency. You should already know, without question, that nothing will be done about the crimes of the former VP and his junkie, toxic-waste, scumbag mutt of a son. The rule of law is long dead in America.

    • DRenegade says:

      You know why I bothered posting this. Nothing will be done until it is. The longer it takes for judgment day to come, the more blood will be spent.

  4. Gryphon says:

    Nothing Happens until “The Lights Go Out”, meaning the Chaos begins to affect the Day-to-Day operations of the ‘government’, particularly Local.

    I am beginning to think that ‘getting to the real (((criminals)))’ may not even be necessary, for this to be ‘corrected’. The corrupt fake-money system of the [[[banksters]]] and the political power of the {{{bolsheviks}}} in the Legislature depends on Technological Society continuing to Function at a level that allows them to have sufficient ‘control’ of Peoples’ Lives that >>>they<<< can continue to be comfortable Parasites.

    It won't take much Degradation of things now, like Trucking Stoppages, or Electrical Transmission Lines being downed, for the Cities to start Burning; and I don't mean staged events with a few Busloads of Agitators. Yes, the .gov minions and the hofjuden can Hide in the Bunkers, but when no one is paying attention to their Edicts, and their Thugpigs are having their houses Burned, what will be left for the putative 'overlords'?

    • Charlie's Ghost says:

      Nah…….getting at the “real criminals” is absolutely required. Otherwise, the rule of law, civility, moral standards and cultural norms are a waste of time…..letting criminals go unpunished (especially treasonous and seditious traitors) is absolutely NOT a consideration.

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