And You Thought the Clinton Foundation Was Bad

Over six weeks of negotiation, a deal to bring $57.8 million to North Carolina as part of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline project morphed from an agreement between the pipeline partnership and the state to a deal between the partnership and Gov. Roy Cooper.

Draft versions of the memorandum of understanding laying out terms for the mitigation fund show changes handwritten in the margins by William McKinney, Cooper’s in-house attorney, as the deal was worked up in December and January.

Instead of the money flowing to the state, it would go into an escrow fund designated by the governor. Repeated references to “the state of North Carolina” were edited to “the governor of the state of North Carolina.”

The reason? Cooper and his administration don’t trust the Republican-controlled General Assembly.


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2 Responses to And You Thought the Clinton Foundation Was Bad

  1. daveburton says:

    Today’s political lesson: if you don’t want corrupt crony capitalism, don’t vote Democrat.

    To get the Cooper Administration to sign off on needed natural gas pipeline permits, Duke Energy and Dominion Energy agreed to pay $57.8 million into an account to be controlled by the governor. But don’t call it a bribe or a “slush fund,” call it a “mitigation fund.” Here’s another article:


    “Cooper and his administration have repeatedly stated that the $57.8 million fund was a voluntary contribution by the pipeline and its primary stakeholders, Duke Energy and Dominion Energy.”


    “If you want to build the pipeline that NC needs, voluntarily grease my palms.”
    -Roy Cooper

  2. Bill says:

    So the crook Marxist demonrat cooper has made a deal to go around the legislature to establish a slush fund , i just bet that this money at some point will flow into all the Marxist democrats running for seats in the state, and you can count on that. this evil demon possessed Entity should have been impeached by the legislature four years ago for his obvious high crimes when the schmuck was the Attorney General, The entities abuses are many to say the least and his present abuses as the governor . the demon possessed evil Entity, is a bought and paid for whore of Obama the sodomite and the Clinton murderers.

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