Antidote to Red Flag Laws

How do civil wars start? Usually with a federal government of some kind, a king, a dictator or what have you becoming a belligerent in the war. In this case it is the state government, drunk with liberal power and exerting unconstitutional authority over the Second Amendment. In a legitimate republic, which the United States has not been for quite a while, around the turn of the century, this would not be considered and it is the outgrowth of sanctuary cities and states flouting the immigration laws. Failure of the federal government to put down that rebellion, and it can be considered nothing less, because immigration law, unlike almost every other law, is a legitimate action of the federal government, to guard the borders against unwanted invasion by citizens of another nation, was a grave mistake. It allowed for the idea to come into the heads of petty tyrants that they could make state law that overrode federal law.

Generally, in most cases, the federal government does not have primacy, but has usurped the power of the states in all sorts of ways. There are only a few federal laws that are legitimate, but immigration is one guaranteeing Second Amendment rights of citizens is another. The Second Amendment is an individual right and should not be regulated by the federal government, much less the tyrants on the state level. But, it has and those jealous of their rights as all Americans should be, though today aren’t, because they have been condition by the communists in schools, media, higher education and a good portion of government offices across the nation to hold those rights cheaply and be willing to disavow them at the drop of a hat, or the flash of a badge.

However, there is one action that has been taken by Tazewell County in Virginia that finally has demonstrated the appropriate reaction to Red Flag laws, which basically give any disgruntled individual in anyone’s life the ability to strip them of that right on their uncorroborated say so. Red Flag laws are an overreaction to mentally-undeveloped school children seeking power and fame on the bodies of their peers after an extremely unusual and atypical event of a school shooting in which the cause is more likely the continued enrollment of a troubled young man, who should have been spending their time in a juvenile detention center rather than an open and susceptible gun-free public school. But, he wasn’t and instead of looking for a true solution to the deaths of their school mates, the media and the communists in government propped the mentally-undeveloped school children up in front of the American public and made poster children of them for gun control.

Tazewell County, however, gets it and not only passed Second Amendment sanctuary laws against the egregious Red Flag laws passed by Virginia, but created a militia to stand in defense of that legislation, because it is people who must defend their Second Amendment rights; the government can never be trusted with a right of any kind. The First, Fourth, Fifth, Eighth, Ninth and Tenth have fared no better in their tyrannical hands.

Other counties that have passed such Second Amendment sanctuary laws should consider doing the same thing as Tazewell County, because, ultimately this will be necessary and signifies the degree to which the government is out of control, drunk with power and willing to engage the people violently to deny them basic human rights and counties are the closest to the people and represent their interests much closer than any so-called Representative of the federal government.

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