Antifa Ascending

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2 Responses to Antifa Ascending

  1. Bill says:

    these fools will get killed at some point and they all will regret it along the Marxist communist force police who protect them. The Marxist Police force will all be held accountable with prison time due to there inaction and of taken bad orders from there COMMUNIST MAYOR,. and if cops get killed then so be it, just means to me they are the internal enemies of the Country and must be eradicated along with the rest of the vermin Communist Marxists..

  2. xtron says:

    i’m clear across the country or I would do it myself……
    one of the patriot groups, or several joined together, need to assemble in a Portland park and burn a few flags…start with the old soviet flag…then, maybe the Mexican flag, the Antifa flag is a must, and if you are REALLY trying to make a major statement, the womens movement flag and a rainbow flag…but the last two would definatly put on a bunch of $#!t lists.

    turn the tables on the left and play their game by their rules…and tell any and all news persons what and why you are doing it.

    see how they like it


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