Are You Ready for Civil War 2020?

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3 Responses to Are You Ready for Civil War 2020?

  1. riverrider says:

    its not cw2020, its children behaving badly that need a good spanking, and they’ll get it. stop blowing this all out of proportion.

    • Eric Garrison says:

      Thank you!!! No, their is no civil war coming,. As you stated,these are a bunch of kids,fed propaganda bullsh#t,then egged on to riot by paid globalist groups. The ONLY reason they’ve even been able to damage and continue (in Democrat cities ONLY) ,is the PROTECTION being provided by local corrupt D politicians and politically appointed police chiefs. All police in these areas are ordered to stand down, threatened with jobloss,and even arrest themselves if they attempt to stop in any way. It’s a planned scheme by D’s as their last resort to remain in power,and avoid being truly exposed. Being exposed not only of the crimes they’ve been committing against the people but, the psyop Tech’s they’ve used to convince the pop they’re much bigger than they actually are by far. If they allowed this election to go forward,with many of their voter fraud system taken down/obstructed, people will see just how little support they actually have. Antifa itself is less than 1k in the US,but have been bragging about creating Soo much chaos to provoke an armed response,they can use to bring the UN in to fight on their behalf. Unfortunately for them,we all know exactly what they’re trying to provoke, we’ve seen the same models used in Syria, Ukraine etc. Trump is also aware of it,it’s specifically why he didn’t send in a military response. If he did,D’s had their guys waiting to shoot at the military and the protestors, with media standing by to report it as military opening fire on protestors. We know the drill.
      Let these pus#ies do their thing in D cities their afraid to step out of

  2. Luke hanson says:

    Great screen shot from the 60’s as evidenced by the PR-24’s being openly carried. But if you apply it to today, you would have to ask which side they are on.

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