Are You Watching?

As your pResident vacations in Hawaii and legitimizes Islamist terrorist groups like CAIR, Putin is updating Russia’s military doctrine. Does anyone believe that the weakest president in the history of the United States has any credibility in the world?

There are no mulligans in war. Unfortunately Obama only understands how to organize communities for government entitlements. And the world’s leader know this.

David DeGerolamo

Putin Signs New Military Doctrine: Names NATO, US As Main Foreign Threat; Test Fires New ICBM

One short hour ago, Putin adopted an updated version of its military doctrine, which “reflects the emergence of new threats against its national security” and which names both the NATO military buildup on Russia’s borders, as well as the US and the destabilized situation in some regions (read Ukraine) as the main foreign threats to Russian security. The doctrine update also, for the first time, put protection of Russian national interest in the Arctic (read oil and nat gas) among the key priorities for Russia’s armed forces.

In other words, Putin is not only not backing down, but has once again explicitly warned NATO that any western action, either in Ukraine or elsewhere, will have a proportional response.

Among the highlights of the new doctrine:

  • Russia’s military doctrine names NATO military buildup, destabilized situation in some regions among main external threats to security
  • Russia’s new military doctrine puts protection of national interests in Arctic among priorities for Armed Forces for the first time
  • Territorial claims to Russia and its allies, intervening in domestic policy main military threats
  • Likelihood of large-scale war against Russia decreased, but some security threats continue to grow
  • Anti-missile shields, ‘global strike’ concept, plans of placing weapons in space are external military threats to Russia
  • Attempts to destabilize situation in Russia, terrorist activities are country’s main internal threats


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1 Response to Are You Watching?

  1. GenEarly says:

    As a “military doctrine” as outlined, from a Russian viewpoint, it seems quite effective and reasonable.
    The questions I would pose are: 1. “Who” is the Marxist, Putin or Obama?, or Both?
    2. Is “the world” being “setup” for a “rope a dope”? Where Obama quickly “surrenders” via “negotiations and reparations” to a NWO after initial salvos are fired (or faked) in a WW III.
    3. To “avoid War” is Obama rushing to make “friends” with everyone like Cuba and Iran?
    4. What did Obama really mean when he said “He would have more flexibility after his re-Selection in 2012”?
    5.Will the ongoing Cyber and Financial War go hot, or bring about the required social destruction without firing a shot?
    6.Will foreign troops be required to subdue / “protect” the USSA or will DHS and it’s allied forces be able to do it on their own?

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