As If They Were Not Destroying the Country Fast Enough

Biden Assembling Commission To Study Supreme Court Reform

The Biden administration is moving forward on the creation of a ‘bipartisan’ commission which will study potential reforms to the Supreme Court and the federal judiciary, according to Politico.



No need to add more information to the above excerpt as we all know what happens next. The Supreme Court will have more justices added with a probable rotation based on political bias. What did Satan tell Jesus in Matthew 4:8-10?

Sinamban ep iv temptations

I have no doubt that our government is under the control of evil. Who would fall down and worship the evil which has stolen our country? Our choice on whom we will serve is clear.

David DeGerolamo

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1 month ago

Of course they’re going to at least attempt to pack the court. In it’s current configuration it’s got a “conservative” (yeah, OK), majority that they can’t get rid of for a long time. Even though the current court is a joke, there is still a chance that it won’t uphold the bullshit that they want once it’s challenged. They have no option but to try to pack the court.

1 month ago
Reply to  Matt

I would think about what you just said. The Supreme Court just in an act of silence allowed them to steal an election. Do you think they will stand up against them now that they have all three branches?

1 month ago
Reply to  tangle

No, I don’t. However, do you think the Dumbocrats are going to take any chances on that, now or in the future, especially when they have a opportunity to stack the deck?

1 month ago
Reply to  Matt

I think there are enough with dirt whether it be an illegal adoption or a ride on the Lolita Express. Their are enough that are controlled to do what they want. The best moment they had was to hear the election fraud case. They had an out and could have taken part in the removal of the swamp. Now they have a lot more to loose.

Arch Stanton
Arch Stanton
1 month ago

Satan comes to kill, steal and destroy. His demons are upon the shoulders and in the hearts of Pelosi, Schumer, Swalwell, AOC and gang. They come to annihilate one nation under God. Let it be the Lord who teaches my hands to war against these traitors.

Ace of Aces
Ace of Aces
1 month ago

Mr. DeGerolamo, I so agree.
For an awakening as to just how evil our governments in North America have been. Please go to “The Last American Vagabond” -- website or channel. Search interviews done with an excellent journalist by the name of Robert Inlakesh.
The journalist has left me mortified to the extent of the evil our governments have been involved in overseas. If we don’t wake up and repent… I don’t think I will need to say it, because you will see it for yourself.
On August 4, 2020, Beirut, Lebanon experienced its own 911… the MSM mentioned it for about 3 days.

Ace of Aces
Ace of Aces
1 month ago
Reply to  Ace of Aces

A video now only available on altcensored, that strongly relates to the topic:

Yesterday, I had found an excellent video on the following channel. This is the first time I have seen a video disappear off of LBRY. Sharing it because I think that you will appreciate her -- she is smart -- very capable of thinking outside the box:

a follower
a follower
1 month ago
Reply to  Ace of Aces

The “peace” deal between Israel and many of its well known enemies, was always a concern and perhaps a marker?
Peace peace there will be no peace.
Jerusalem’s Final Warning
…13“For from the least of them to the greatest, all are greedy for gain; from prophet to priest, all practice deceit. 14They dress the wound of My people with very little care, saying, ‘Peace, peace,’ when there is no peace at all. 15Are they ashamed of the abomination they have committed? No, they have no shame at all; they do not even know how to blush. So they will fall among the fallen; when I punish them, they will collapse,” says the LORD.…
Berean Study Bible · Download

Cross References
1 Thessalonians 5:3
While people are saying, “Peace and security,” destruction will come upon them suddenly, like labor pains on a pregnant woman, and they will not escape.
Why is this? Why can there be no peace for Gods people, and yes America is part of Israel, there can be no doubt.
Does Gods people deserve chastisement?
we find ourselves in a tough spot, are we listening to God or are we listening to our selves, our wants, our desires?
It is easy to see the faults and evil all around us, our leaders our neighbors yet how many have Truly looked within ourselves and our own houses and are working on the course changes?

Ace of Aces
Ace of Aces
1 month ago
Reply to  a follower

Thank You, a follower, for sharing from Jeremiah -- Stay Tuned…
Jennifer, most likely has used LBRY as a back up channel for either facebook or Youtube.- when people do this, a message appears revealing that the video is not supported from the source. LBRY is down right now so I cannot show you -- hopefully they are just resolving issues. Because of AI causing buffering issues with LBRY videos of importance, I download it before I watch it. So, I was able to watch it again and do an analysis.
The missing video was regarding the temple coins made during the time of the Abraham Accords. Along with D.T.’s signature and face on various coins, are scripture references. One from the Torah, “Seek Peace and Pursue it.” One from the Koran, “And if one inclines towards peace, it inclines towards you.” One from Isaiah 2:4, “And, they shall beat their swords into plowshares.” And, lastly they give a quote out of Jeremiah, “For, I will give you lasting peace in this place.”
That last quote from Jeremiah is out of context and is likely why the video was taken off of the source channel. Someone didn’t thoroughly research the remainder of that verse in Jeremiah before they engraved it into a coin -- lol 🤩🥰 (Must be a Yah thing😂😁) Good job Jennifer, I had researched all of this when this ceremony was transpiring -- I had it marked off but I will never put anything to video ever! It’s bad enough that I leave comments.
Go and read Jeremiah 14:13 for that quote, but then read on until the end of 15:9. I prefer to read out of the NKJV -- as it is more accurate than the KJV and many others -- but, do as you will -- Yah is fairly clear in the message.
Where Jennifer fell short -- or what I would add is Revelation 3:8-13 (Yah’s message to us -- His kids). And, also the sixth seal of Revelation 6:12-17. Prepare people -- you are asleep. When the six seal transpires those stars falling from the sky are 5G satellites, the rest is self explanatory.
You dad’s who have families to protect. Do you not watch and see if your kids can figure out -- on their own -- how to resolve an issue? If they are overwhelmed do you then step in to help them out a bit -- maybe deliver a little tough love?
People.. WAKE UP!! You are so addicted to the enemy’s technology -- cellphones, wifi -- 1,000’s upon thousands of study’s proving its harmful effects to the human body, animals and all creation -- Most have totally ignored! Prepare, because it is going to be a solar flare along with the an earthquake that is going to terrify these creatures into their holes.
Yah will never let His creation be destroyed -- even if it takes His version of tough love to accomplish it… Revelation 11:18 “… And should destroy those who destroy the earth.”
The WHO cover-up that is costing us the Earth

Michael L Hayes
Michael L Hayes
1 month ago

The only way we can save this Country is fight for it.

Aaron Barker
Aaron Barker
1 month ago

Sorry there was NO “9/11” type of attack in Beirut.

It’s exactly what it said it was -- an ammonium nitrate explosion.

I ACTUALLY LIVED there for the better part of three years recently, AND was back there just over a year ago. I’ve walked that entire shoreline where the port is + more, I have and seen into those buildings that are no longer there. I had friends who worked closely with the Navel side of the LAF (As I worked with the army side of the LAF at that time).

To boot, I WAS ON THE PHONE with a very close friend there in Beirut (Ashrafeiah specifically) for 5 -- 7 minutes discussing that very fire at the port with them BEFORE the detonation and lost contact with them when the poorly stored degraded moisture ridden/hydroscopic A/N stored there went high order. The type, shape, color of smoke -- EVERYTHING about that blast SCREAMED A/N detonation.

My friend and I spoke at length over the next few hour/days as they attempted to clean up acres of glass and blown in doors and windows where they worked… Even the residual smell of the blast itself was unmistakeable..

Within hours I personally saw no less than 3 high grade amateur wannabe “Airstrike” edits floating around of the 2 main videos that went out that captured the blast. If one of those videos fooled you well …..

Are(?) or were there Hezbollah arms caches in the general vicinity? From my experience in the area -- I would have to say most likely YES. Were they possibly even remotely connected with the explosion?

No, not a chance.

If you think our .Gov here in the states is a corrupt, incompetent, red tape choked kleptocracy -- you would have your mind completely BLOWN whilst doing (Or attempting to do) anything in a timely manner through official channels there in Lebanon. It was a travesty for sure (As was the fire a week or so later -- tires, kerosene, and other chem/petrochemicals), BUT a Lebanese 9/11 it was not.

Generally in my experience living there every day for a good part of 3 years the Lebanese people by a wide margin are undoubtedly some of the most generous hospitable people I have had the pleasure to live and work with, both Muslims and Christians alike.

In my heart I consider Lebanon my second home.

That said their government (All levels) is sadly rife with graft and the influences that the world et-al interject into their country/society is helpful, hurtful, and disruptive all at the same time. There are many crises going on there big and small ($ problems, refugees from 5 -- 6 other countries etc)…

Again dig a bit deeper than the gloss of an attractive lie before repeating the “Truth” -- Please?

Ace of Aces
Ace of Aces
1 month ago
Reply to  Aaron Barker

I don’t make statements without ample proof, where is your evidence? How about you prove your statements with ample links to evidence by credible journalists -- please?

SERIOUSLY… For those who remember 911 in New York what does this look like to you? What does the first video link remind you of?



Further proof:

More proof:
Just type -- Robert Islakesh -- into the site search engine @
Here you will find a whole host of videos that might not be found elsewhere. If AI causes the videos to buffer or stick, you will need to download them before you can watch them.

1 month ago
Reply to  Ace of Aces

First you ask “Where is your evidence?” .

Sigh…. You find a drone video spliced with a snapshot (In its opening) of OPEN FLAME HALF A**D welding/maintenance going on within mere FEET of the degraded and homogenizing ammonium nitrate! The destruction/devastation shown is exactly what would be expected…

(That very relevant shot was pulled from another/earlier video and spliced in to show the cause/affect). In fact when the fire first started there on the warehouse peninsula the local fire department was looking for a welding crew that was missing in the vicinity of the fires origin…

So what? -- A high order detonation of a mountain of poorly stored and red tape laden fertilizer = conspiracy?

Conspiracy VS Gross incompetence/Negligence?

Unfortunately, Occam’s razor and Murphy’s law have a tenancy to meet up in tragic ways.

You don’t think somewhere in the neighborhood of 3000 metric tons of poorly stored ammonium nitrate did this? ANY amateur bomb maker would know -- or at least have the tiniest inkling of the level of destruction that that amount of potential explosive base.

CREDIBLE Journalists???? Really is there even such a thing as a non biased or “Jaundiced Eyed Journalists” anymore? -- Especially news organizations/individuals covering political dramas outside of their own backyard?

Incidentally, the “Proof” you are linking to towards the end of your response is in and of itself anecdotal and biased. Filtering through a single source and their interpretations is less than an all inclusive in depth perspective of something that is abhorrently complex.

Honestly you would be best served to pull up the archived Beirut/local news coverage and have it translated/interpreted to get the actual feeling/meaning of the situation as it was there on the ground.

I can tell you I spoke with a couple close friends there in Beirut just after the explosion took place. I answered many questions concerning different types of munitions (Both stored, and or aerially dispensed) that could have possibly caused the detonation and corresponding level of destruction as knowing these things is an integral part of my profession.

At that time in Beirut there was an INCREDIBLE number of rumors and a plethora of disinformation going around.

Neither the close local authorities could or would give any answers and the countries government itself was literally (This time) caught flat footed and went into “What the hell happened??/Who’s fault is this??!!/Are we under attack??/Cover our A** mode”.

Again -- I have actual personal and cultural experience in Lebanon. In that very vicinity actually. I can’t force you to believe me. I believe that you would very much like for this tragic incident in Beirut to “Fit into” this construct/collage of reason or train of thought and events you have determined to be factual. People are people and nobody is correct 100% of the time, we are perfect creations and yet flawed individuals -- ALL OF US, myself included.

When living there personally witnessed people standing barefoot in 6″ of water handling high voltage lines -- LIVE ONES! In Bourj Hammoud (A predominantly Armenian refugee settled area which is VERY close to the detonation site) there are M A N Y auto re-builders and welding shops there along that portion of Beirut. They are commonly called out and hired to do work both locally and at times farther out. $$$s to doughnuts there are a couple distraught Armenian or Syrian refugee families devastated at the loss of their missing family members.

OSHA does NOT EXIST in Lebanon.

-- Yes this disaster FURTHER crippled Lebanon’s grain storage and infrastructure that was already BEYOND strained. It also further wounded a country that was reeling economically due to being a 93% import economy. ANY further large scale interruption to the already strained Lebanese life style is disastrous. COVID has had its own unique and terrible affect upon the country -- especially since MOST of the wealth coming into the country is from family/business associates abroad in the U.S., Australia, Senegal, -etc. Slowing economies and lock-downs in each of these countries (And others with a transplanted Lebanese population) seriously affect their solvancy.

The Lebanese are a tough resilient people -- and they have endured A LOT. But debacle, after bad break, after tragedy is becoming overwhelming to them.

-- Yes, your “Vagabond” source has a decent’ish/mediocre grasp of the politics in Lebanon. (And yes I did suffer through all of his quick study/second hand source/detached political analysis and “Well reasoned conclusions”). Coming from a “Non immersed individual” he does have an ok’ish perspective (Again albeit a detached one).

Again I WAS THERE. I worked through and lived with the politics on a daily basis. I was there for the garbage “Riots” (There was garbage piled up under every overpass). 90% of the “Riots” were overblown/manufactured. I was there in the vicinity of 4 such “Riots” that were filmed and broadcast. They were literally composed of 40-60 people that were organised with a filthy trash strewn backdrop and and filmed in a bunched up group protesting/rioting and edited so they would look like “Hundreds/thousands”. (Most of the filming for those broadcasts were actually done probably not 1000 ft away from the port itself -- close to the “City Mall” -- NOT City Center Mall).

I was IN MARTYRS square for the beginning of one of the REAL riots that was about the electricity shortages/garbage crisis. I even ended up on camera (In the crowd attempting to leave) on one of the feeds that was shown around the world.

I literally stood the day prior within 2-3 yards of where the ISIS retaliatory bombing (Crude Plast/Ex on a scooter) took place in the Hezbollah neighborhood just outside of Rafic Hariri airport.

I was THERE for the first presidential election that ended their 2+ year leaderless governmental quagmire (And brought the newspapers back home to frame them).

I was also there on business and visiting the very week that the current economic crisis started -- IE the decoupling of the U.S. dollar (Which WAS fixed at and = to 1500LL). I watched as the LAF had helicopters running damn near 24/7 in and out of MOD and the presidential palace just as things got weird. (The LAF DO NOT fly at night or almost EVER in anything but clear and perfect/ideal conditions with their few helicopters (Huey IIs)). So yes there was something definitely going on (I could NOT withdraw any U.S. currency, or LL from any institutions ATM during my last 2 days there -- I LITERALLY left the country with $7 in my pocket, even credit cards were iffy on transactions.

I even paid and tipped my contracted taxi driver in 1 Troy ounce silver ingots upon my departure.

Turns out that the rest of the ME world that was extending both the Lebanese government, and Lebanese businesses loans in U.S. Dollars decided to call in said loans early due to their displeasure of Hezbollah’s rhetoric/expanding influence in the Lebanese government. And they demanded to be paid back in U.S. currency not the Lebanese Lira.

Accordingly the banks/Govt officials hoarded and cut off almost all BUT A TRICKLE of U.S. Dollars/currency available in the country.

But again the powers that be proclaimed that: “They were caught flat footed and didn’t know where all the Dollars went”.

This first affected gasoline and petrol sales and distribution, then it hit the staple grain and food imports. The vendors in Lebanon HAD to accept the LL and were forced under contract to repay their lenders in U.S. Dollars. So shortages erupted everywhere and the LL value plummeted (Fluctuating between 4000LL -- 9000LL to the U.S. Dollar). As of the time I left circa Oct of 2018 there was less than 7 months supply of grain stores left in the country -- and imports were an ongoing nightmarish iffy prospect.

This crisis was manufactured. It is/was a hard push by the rest of the Sunni dominant -- IE wealthier Arab countries to penalize the country as a whole for the (Growing) Shia/Iranian/Hezbollah influences in the Lebanese government and policy decisions as a whole.

It also doesn’t help that Europe likes to dangle money and aid in front of the struggling country and its lethargic administration at the cost of ecological agreements that Lebanon (Even with the best intentions) can’t realistically implement (Garbage crisis being just ONE example).

-- Is the system corrupt? YES

-- Is cronyism rampant? YES

-- Are there a disproportionate number of disaffected and unemployed Lebanese young men angry as hell there YES (Syrian refugee men abound there and work for a pittance 4 male Syrian workers = the cost of a single Lebanese male worker).

-- Is there a high degree of outside (International) geopolitical influence (Tampering?) involved in the country’s politics YES

-- Does the deeply cultural Arab mentality (“Bukra” -- do it later tomorrow, and then the “Me first -- family first” (Coffee first??) pervade all things organizational/governmental Y E S

The Muslim/Christian/Druze divided government there works in theory -- (The LAF is structured the same way when it comes to the percentages in their military -- especially the officers). The LAF is actually very well structured and is a GREAT example of how things could/should work within the government/people it is trying hard to serve.

But even as your “Vagabond” stated there is (Again) an incredible level of “Culturally expected Arab” graft, nepotism ad nauseum, present in the government at large.

Currently the French and a few other countries are trying to help them with food imports, medicine, lines of credit, military armament, etc -- but again COVID has really gummed things up terribly.

Concerning Hezbollah:

Hezbollah has actually become semi legitimate since their elected representatives were brought into the won official government positions. This has caused trepidation in not only the U.S., but many other western, european countries (And for good cause from their perspective). They are an officially listed terrorist organization. (Like Hamas).

That said what the WEST does NOT see OR understandis that 80-90% of what is presently considered “Hezbollah” is normal everyday people (Muslim and Christian alike) that are basically forced to affiliate and work together as the smaller towns and cities are not maintained in any meaningful was by the revenue generated by taxation (VAT). So really how ELSE are the people there supposed to get things done/make things work in those areas that are not SAIDA, BEIRUT, or TRIPOLI?

Now that last 10-20% of Hezbollah varies from “Aggressive to Bat S**T insane/extremest” and has deep ties to (Shia dominated) IRAN and there machinations… (Starting trouble with Israel etc, etc…

Again -- I can’t force you to believe me, but I really have been there and done that there in Lebanon. To boot I am actually planning to go back for a month or so at a time for professional reasons for more than a couple times in the next 2 years. Perspective and experience in Lebanon I have in spades…

Ace of Aces
Ace of Aces
1 month ago
Reply to  apb2772

Ok, Where is your evidence? All I see is talk.. talk… talk…

Ace of Aces
Ace of Aces
1 month ago

Many Americans have been asleep or distracted at the wheel for some time. We all have been there, and all of us will get up to speed eventually.
American -- Diana Lenska -- banged out the following video on May 8,2020. She covered all the necessary bases, and what she had to say is still relevant today…—Wake-Up-America-And-The-World:4

It was in their plans to make Australia a safe place for them to hide out after the destruction of America. That’s now working out so well for them. 🤗 Yes, the Australians were blindsided too, but they have now found their voice and they are standing strong. They will prevail -- so will you!

Since people need proof here we go:
WARNING -- Strong Language -- But, I’m sure you can handle it. It is the Australian way -- and they have good reason for it. Twenty Eight pedophile protection orders exposing high level government officials, that the police force has refused to address -- For Over a Decade or More! 💥,-u-better-be-ready-06-August-2020:f 1,000’s of people came out of the hiding to hang out in the park that day -- and Australians have never looked back!

AND -- An immigrant from Lebanon -- she can shout it out too!

John Farnham, loved by generations of Australians. Little did he know that the song he wrote during a time when he was scrambling to feed his family, would one day be so embraced by the people of his nation -- that they would want it for their new national anthem. May John Farnham, live to see such an honor happen….Your the Voice…
From his earlier years…

America you will find your voice -- your song -- and you will prevail!! 💞 to All… over and out..

Again, if AI caused LBRY videos to buffer or glitch, download first = Clear perfect videos.