Bats mysteriously drop dead across Israel ‘fulfilling biblical prophecy’

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Dozens of dead bats have fallen out of the sky in a region in Israel, in what some have bizarrely claimed is a biblical prophecy coming true.

Adi Moskowits noticed the lifeless creatures while walking through the Gan Leumi park in Ramat Gan on Saturday.

Many of the bats are young and show no signs of trauma, leaving one expert in the field flummoxed.


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1 Response to Bats mysteriously drop dead across Israel ‘fulfilling biblical prophecy’

  1. a follower says:

    Think about everything else that has happened and that we have heard about over the last several years, and yes these things as many wish to point out have always been here. But, with such intensity? Such regularity?
    Fish die offs,Bird die offs, whales,dolphins, Bats,Bees.
    Oil spill 2010, Fukushima 2011
    Various locations of swarms of locusts, many in the News right now if you can get by the covid 19 headlines.
    Extreme storms and weather events in various locations. Not man made in the traditional sense, although many wish man to be the one we point at and extract $$$ from in retribution.
    Hail and snow in places you wouldn’t believe, earthquakes, tsunamis, Tornadoes and extremely violent happenings only causing minimal death in many cases. Almost miracles it would seem.
    Algae. how many waters have been poisoned and turned red lately? Red Tide?
    How about the last few harsh winters that killed much of the cattle out west?
    Bird flues, Swine flues?
    Could these all be warnings and wake up calls that many have been ignoring?
    Plagues, that we will conquer and destroy by throwing all our wealth at? But do not worry, we will rise and conquer, we will rebuild our wealth and stature, “Quickly!”
    We have been warned, and many of these warnings evidently are subtle, have we noticed? Have they noticed?

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