Bikers on the Move to Washington

Although the media is not covering the “2 million bikers to Washington, D.C”, that does not mean that this is not an important event. Let us pray that this may become an historic day for Americans to assert our unwavering love of Liberty and our commitment to fight tyranny.

David DeGerolamo


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1 Response to Bikers on the Move to Washington

  1. fed up says:

    I love these “bikers”. They are just Americans displaying and evoking their right to assemble. Each one deserves a badge of courage. Give them all “The Red Badge Of Courage”. Thank you one and all. I’d be there to if I could. 1%’ers everyone of them.
    The fight against tyranny is long past due. As more and more people become aware it seems like the grip against us becomes stronger. I believe they deceive themselves into thinking “they” will be able to control “We the people”. I believe we are better armed and know the country side better than them. I believe our police will come to realize they are fighting their own people. Maybe the cities will fall for their crap but there is more country side then cities. Americans like these guys can’t be broken. God Bless them ALL!!!!!!

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