Birther Credibility

The post from Hans showing a video (which has now been removed from YouTube) detailing the layers in the PDF of Obama’s birth certificate made me investigate this matter a little further. Two questions were immediately raised in my mind:

  1. Could the administration be so incompetent as to release a document where its “manufacture” could easily show it to be fraudulent.
  2. How could this document appear so close after the current governor of Hawaii’s assertion that the document was lost?

I downloaded the document from the site and verified the results shown in the first video. The video above adds more information to its “manufacture”. Do I believe the document is a fraud? I believe it is another attempt to misdirect our attention on what is happening in this country: gas prices, housing decline, dollar decline and undeclared wars. I believe that the attack on “birthers” for asking a simple question is unwarranted: especially the attacks from the right since it is a constitutional question.

Keep your focus on what is important and be vigilant because May will bring economic news from individual states that will test our resolve and the future of our nation.

David DeGerolamo

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