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I ate fried chicken and dirty rice at Bojangles over 30 years ago. That restaurant was in Reading, Pennsylvania which is not in the South for NPC clarification. The people supporting the Deep State are having a conniption fit about President Trump’s rally at the Bojangles Coliseum in Charlotte, NC where the company is based. I never thought of any racial overtones with the name or the restaurant prior to this latest fake “issue”.

Reading the comments at the tweet below, you would think that anyone eating at Bojangles is the lowest of the low, racist hillbilly. I wonder what they would say if they ate at the Bojangles in Murphy, NC where the music played in the background is Gospel music and a Bible is available for any patron to read.

David DeGerolamo


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  1. John Thisell says:

    I eat a Bojangles at times and Chick-Fil-A too, I guess they believe I am “lowest of the low, racist hillbilly”? I might add that I am an East Tennessee Hillbilly based on my address and many preferences. I am also educated at a leading University (not located in the South, unfortunately). I listen to many types of music but prefer Red Book Hymns, Bluegrass and Classic Country. My bride and I attend church three times a week and I have the King James Version Holy Bible so I can listen to it while commuting downloaded from to my iphone. What these atheist, agnostic and fake Christians miss is that the majority of Americans do not care a bit what they think. My wife’s half brother was raised in and still lives in California and claims the rest of us are 20 or 30 years behind Cali’s cultural development, I told him “Thank God for that.”

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