In this time of trouble, our nation runs to pharaoh for help and has refused to turn its face back the the Father. The wheat is about to be separated from the chaff.

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3 Responses to BRACE FOR IMPACT

  1. a follower says:

    Not sure we will ever see a large scale repentance moment. This is a personal thing and a one on one happening. i kinda gave up on what many think of as a Grand awakening.
    In a plague who are many looking to?
    Trump continues to say we are facing an invisible enemy. Well if God sent the plague, who do they think the enemy is?
    i find it odd that much of this including the peak” is occurring at a time much of the world celebrates “easter” instead of recognizing Passover and what it is.
    i am reminded of Pharaohs response to Moses many requests and warnings.
    i am reminded of those who took shelter under the mark of the blood of the lamb, while death passed outside.
    i am reminded of His seal of protection, and how we should seek this.
    i am reminded that we walk in the valley of the shadow of death, and He is our only protection.
    i do believe we the many, we the Nations are being Judged, this is a time to wash ourselves in His blood and Truly Truly repent and turn back to Him.
    Rex shared an amazing testimony, and i applaud him, i noticed also Southern prepper made comments about a large garden and helping neighbors and others.
    How many do you hear saying these things? They are few, yet we do exist.

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