Capitol Hill “Riot” Was a Deep State False Flag

D.C. police refuse to release interviews of Capitol security officials from siege, citing privacy

The Metropolitan Police Department in Washington D.C., which is leading the investigation into the deadly Capitol siege last week, is denying a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request filed by Just the News seeking records of its interviews with top congressional security officials, claiming their release would invade the privacy of the officers.

In the FOIA request, Just the News sought “copies of public records that include notes, reports, and summaries of interviews done by the Metropolitan Police Department with the former Sergeant at Arms of the House of Representatives Paul Irving, Sergeant at Arms and Doorkeeper of the Senate Jennifer Hemingway, and the former U.S. Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund regarding January 6, 2021.”

The MPD responded Wednesday that it has “determined to withhold responsive records” because they deemed the information “of a personal nature where the public disclosure thereof would constitute a clearly unwarranted invasion of personal privacy.”



Now we know why the impeachment is being rushed through Congress. Remember the names of the traitors who voted for impeachment as another facet of this coup. Especially the names of the Republican traitors.

David DeGerolamo

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  1. tangle says:

    The Republican party has been a traitor since 1861. They have not really changed, jut did a good PR job.

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