Changes for Your Consideration

Imagine if California, Illinois, New York and New Jersey seceded or were kicked out of the union. Overnight, the issues of the border wall, Judeo/Christian persecution, voter fraud, illegal immigration, abortion, Russiagate and Trump impeachment would be virtually eliminated. No Pelosi, Bloomberg, Cuomo, Booker, Harris, Schiff, Gillibrand and the various Obama hierarchy still slithering in the swamp.

The point is that a small majority of the land mass is controlling the masses (otherwise known as deplorables). Consider the following measures:

  1. Any government official who violates their oath to the Constitution will serve 25 years in prison and all assets forfeited. No parole. They will lose their office and be banned from running in any future federal elections.
  2. Any state which has more than 1% voter fraud will not be allowed to participate in federal elections for 4 years.
  3. Anyone who is convicted of voter fraud will serve 10 years in prison and all assets forfeited. No parole.
  4. The FBI is disbanded and all agents will be held accountable for past actions including WACO, Ruby Ridge and Malheur.
  5. The Department of Justice will be forced to comply with Congressional oversight as outlined in the Constitution. Contempt of Congress will be an automatic 25 years in prison, loss of future judicial service, loss of law license and no parole.
  6. Supreme Court Justices will serve a period of 9 years. Each year, one judge’s term will come due for renomination or replacement. The implementation of the initial term sequence will be based on their length of service: longest serving justice will come due first.
  7. Supreme Court Justices can be removed from office if they are physically and/or mentally incapable of doing their duty. The President, the House or the Senate can initiate proceedings.
  8. Media outlets which publish false or misleading information will be fined $5 million per incident. Repeat offenders will lose their FCC license. CEOs and board members will serve 10 years in prison for repeat offenses.
  9. Internet outlets which censor news, ideas, religions and ideology will be fined $5 million per incident. CEOs and board members will serve 10 years in prison for repeat offenses.
  10. Elected officials convicted of receiving favors from corporate “sponsors” will face the same penalty as treason. This is the least we can do for our children who have died serving in endless wars for the personal gain of politicians.

David DeGerolamo

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3 Responses to Changes for Your Consideration

  1. Edgar Hopkins says:


  2. 173dVietVet says:

    David -- -- Such lofty ideals are scholarly significant but in practicality, fruitless.

    Question: Who or what “body” is going to decide when any of these proscriptions has been violated??

    And more importantly ….Who is it that gets to pick whom it is that sits on such deciding “body” ??

    Wonderful ideals to conjure up but seeing them put into practice requires a whole lot more conjuration……

    Will there be a separate court? What are the standards of evidence required for decision making? Are appeals allowed and to whom & by what process ? Will accepted concepts of “due process” be allowed…??

    Or are we going to allow the Jacobins to rule by mob vote on what action is to be taken ??

  3. David says:

    As Skippy once told me when he was one of the leaders in the NC House, my chances of amending the state Constitution was the big zero that he drew on a piece of paper that he handed me on his way out of his law office. I did not know that the state’s Constitution was illegal at that time.

    So we agree that lofty goals will not be enacted. Which only leaves two alternatives: submit or fight.

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