Charlotte protest of George Floyd’s death turns destructive

Hundreds of people marched in Charlotte Friday night to protest the death of George Floyd in Minnesota police custody. Tensions rose as the shouting protesters attacked police property.

The tires on at least one police car were slashed and windows were broken at the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police substation on Beatties Ford Road. CMPD fired tear gas canisters in response. Activist group Charlotte Uprising tweeted that City Council member Braxton Winston was arrested, and that was later confirmed by CMPD Chief Kerr Putney.

Two dozen officers in full protective gear and another two dozen bicycle officers formed a barricade and ordered the crowd to disperse. Officers made several arrests for property damage, CMPD tweeted.


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3 Responses to Charlotte protest of George Floyd’s death turns destructive

  1. Donna McDowell says:

    Raleigh, Durham and Asheville are next…

  2. Bad Bob, The Albino. says:

    Teargas says we will allow you to continue to create mayhem. Bullets would say we aren’t going to tolerate this nonsense.

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