Christmas in Dixie

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Just hours after the town of Garner announced it was cancelling its Christmas parade, the town of Wake Forest released a statement noting its parade is still on, and will include the Sons & Daughters of the Confederacy.

In the statement, the town notes that the parade is officially presented by Wake Forest Downtown, Inc., a 501 (c)(3) organization.

“Make no mistake about it – the Town of Wake Forest is extremely sensitive to the emotion the confederate flag stirs among those on both sides of this issue. We recognize that for some the flag represents racism, hatred and bigotry, while others see it as a representation of Southern heritage protected as a matter of freedom of speech/freedom of expression.

Due to the considerable local and national debate this issue has stirred in recent years, Town officials consulted with legal counsel in 2018 concerning the Town’s options when it comes to the possible exclusion of certain groups from the parade. We were told in no uncertain terms that as the government entity partnering with WFD in the facilitation of the parade that we have no legal basis for excluding any group based on the flag or symbol they display. Furthermore, there have been court cases where groups that were excluded successfully sued the entities that banned them.”

“I think Wake Forest is doing the right thing. I think people have become too sensitive these days. History is history. You can’t rewrite history,” said one man, who declined to give his name, citing the sensitivity of the issue.


h/t Dee Sams

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  1. Rabbi Will says:

    From a Messianic Jew in the southern nation, Thank God for this place! Never have I been to any other nation US. North included that is as polite friendly welcoming and of course unapologetically supportive of Isreal (true) and her people ! To look at me I’m obviously Jewish even so the only racism I’ve ever experienced was from north of the Mason Dixon! God Bless you all ! And I don’t even do Christmas! Lol !

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