Civil War 2.0 and YOU

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5 Responses to Civil War 2.0 and YOU

  1. CURT JANNEY says:

    We are watching and reading the same stuff. Been watching/following Pastor Joe for a while. It re-affirms what we know to be true and correct and that there are a bunch of us out here on the same page.

  2. Tom says:

    Jeez, what the other guy said.
    Between here and Facebook, it’s like we’re sharing the same computer.

  3. Montana says:


  4. SW Richmond says:

    The people to ask about the viability of the plan to “wait it out peacefully in a place where we have what we need” would be Mexican peasants, East European and Russian peasants, Asian peasants. Do they have a history of being left alone to live their lives, subsistence farming and keeping what they produce, or do the powers that be (whomever that might be) seek them out and take their stuff?

    The OP is a nice enough man but he is indulging a fantasy. The fight will come to him, and much sooner than he thinks, slowly at first and then suddenly. Absent government, there will be gangs. It’s a given. The crises in the cities will create economic incentive for him to be sought out and robbed.

  5. a follower says:

    Things that have become popular, in forums, in speech etc. = Patterns.
    War of cultures? There are a lot of battles being fought simultaneously.
    Good vs evil seems to sum up all the wars in a nutshell.
    The “People” themselves are in need of being restored. The constitution is only as good as the people that hold it up.
    am in agreement with much of what was said. Come out of her my people can also be done without leaving your home or the city. Yet i will tell you i do not live in the ‘middle’ of one of these Large cities.

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