Clemson Prof: Civil War is Coming

Interesting Conversation if you have the time.

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11 Responses to Clemson Prof: Civil War is Coming

  1. LunkerMack says:

    Prof. Thompson is sharp.

    • Poet Warrior says:

      This is simple…. recognize that 90% of the people do nothing…. 7% will do something once,,, only 3% will continue doing something more than once…. Hal Turner had and interesting questionnaire… where 44% of those who answered recognized the high probability of a EMP…. but on 4% stated they were prepared for such…. stupid stupid stupid………

  2. Diane says:

    I don’t know how I found this discussion, but I listenEd with rapt interest because of the varying points that were made. I found the discussion of homeschooling intriguing. In 1990, my husband and I made the decision to homeschool our children -- all seven of them -- on one blue-collar income. By federal standards, we were at the poverty level for nearly 20 years: we took no handouts whatsoever. All of our children went on to graduate from college, without any debt and without any financial help from us. All seven went on to graduate from a very diverse pool -- from physics to Mandarin Chinese. To those who think one of the parents must’ve had an educational background, we did not. My husband did not have a college degree, I had an associate degree. When my children graduated from high school (and we homeschooled them from kindergarten all the way through 12 grade), I went back to school and got my doctorate three months shy of my 60th birthday. Homeschooling works! I’ve encountered many children in my practice, products of the public school system, who cannot make simple change in the check-out lane. I’d choose a homeschooling student any day.

    • Derrick Flyr says:

      God bless you and your family my friend. I’m sure you’re an inspiration to everyone reading your comment. Thank you. Your work is beneficial to all of us. Thank you again.

  3. Charles in VA says:

    The focus of the discussion was entirely internal to the United States. It was a great interview as far as it went. Tons of good thoughts to consider there.

    But… (there’s always a caveat, isn’t there?). I viewed it as a forensic analysis.

    The US does not exist in a bubble. We exist in a world that resents and even hates us. The proposed “solution” seems to have been decentralization of government. That doesn’t take into account the hostile players with strong centralized governments viewing this decentralization of our government as weakness…which it would necessarily be. China, Russia, Mexico, Cuba would all descend on us like wolves, bears and coyotes all fighting over a carcass.

    The issue of our nuclear arsenal is not a trivial one. We, the US, would never tolerate a nuclear arsenal in a country with a weak, decentralized government. Neither will those wolves at our door…and rightly so. The only options in that scenario are annexation or destruction…whichever is easier and more cost effective.

    Given the pugilistic Nature of Americans in general and historically, I believe the inevitable conclusion is that we are destined for destruction…first internally, and then externally.

    As Josh so succinctly points out, there is no “U turn” on our horizon. We are past the point of no return. A best case scenario at this point would be a national purge of all subversives on a house by house basis…a future too horrifying to contemplate, but one that might yet come to pass. Looking objectively at the present situation, it would seem that the subversives now in control have come to this same conclusion and are busy enacting the first steps towards that end…meaning you and I are “the subversives” to be exterminated. Fortunately, in war, the enemy always gets a vote.

    “It’s time you started believing in ghost stories, Miss Turner. You’re IN one!” -- Captain Barbossa, Curse of the Black Pearl

    Welcome to the apocalypse, folks!

    • WilliamtheResolute says:

      Well stated…may god have mercy on our souls, welcome to the Boogaloo.

      • Charles in VA says:

        I take no joy or comfort in my words. Just as Miss Turner was unbelieving even after being confronted by the reality of her situation in the movie, we Americans are suffering from shock induced cognitive dissonance. The reality of what we are facing and are currently embroiled in is so horrifying to the civilized mind that it has resulted in paralysis of body, mind and spirit.

        “Wow! That escalated REALLY fast.” -- Will Ferrill, Anchorman

        It’s already too late to react in time to avert disaster. The best…the absolute best…we can hope for at this point is bare survival into an uncertain future.

        Asking for God’s mercy is exactly the correct course of action.

        Kudos to you for seeing it.

  4. Jay says:

    It’s better to be divided by the truth than to be united in error.
    Divide and conquer is the oldest military strategy in the world because it works.
    So the enemies of our nation sewed the seeds of sin against God knowing that some would fall for it and that this would cause division leading to civil war. There is no way around it. Evil must be dealt with and crime must be punished.

  5. Arizona says:

    AMERICA is about to see the worse bloodbath war of any country in history,YOU REFUSE TO FACE REALLITY,now it will cost you the country,AMERICA HAS BEEN LOST,and YET the men, what few of them there are, still haven’t moved to stop it,SOON the government will be completey ready,,YOU’LL know.. their attack on you will begin,they’ll just move from town to town killing everyone they see,IT’LL take the death of a hundred millions before they turn off the TV and stop watching the football game,and set their beer down,and of course it will be to late to maybe even save themselves at that point in time,THIS WILL BE A BLOODBATH,and no one cares yet..JUST LIKE VIRGINIA,they should have started the ambushes by now,they’ll wait till their friends are dead though,and they see their bodies of them and their families,INSANITY rules america.AND THEIR NEW DADDY SATAN….good luck in the FEMA DEATH CAMPS kids…

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