COIN: Seven Lines of Effort for Prepper Security

by Sam Culper

One threat that many preppers are likely to face post-SHTF is that of the criminal insurgent, or groups of criminals, gangs, mobs, and looters.  This criminal threat will manifest for a few reasons; namely out of the criminal’s need to survive, the availability of unprepared, soft targets, and the community’s inability to enforce laws in a Without Rule of Law scenario.

One question that ought to be answered is, “How long after SHTF, and under what conditions, will the criminal threat become active in my area?”  That’s a question best answered by the intelligence element.  This article assumes that many communities will eventually encounter the conditions that support a criminal insurgent threat, and that the best way to fight against the insurgent criminal threat is through Counterinsurgency (COIN).  The criminal insurgent defined is the individual, or group of individuals, who are not only actively engaging in common criminality, but also actively working against the re-establishment of the rule of law.  In other words, it’s in the criminal insurgent’s best interest to work against any system that attempts to bring security back to the area.

COIN is and has always been, even before being named Counterinsurgency, about the people.  There are wars that involve the tanks and planes fighting for domination, and then there are wars of the people.  In COIN, the populace is the center of attention; every plan is viewed through the lens of the populace, and every action is put through the paces of the populace.  In short, as the populace goes, so goes the war.


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  1. Prepper Farm says:

    Sandy vs NYC is a great example. Criminals wandered the streets mugging, murdering, and committing home invasions for around a week or two. On-duty police were within walking distance from the devastate areas.

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