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Alberta Vila
15 hours agoYou already lost the next Civil War. We Progressive Socialists have a 10-point plan for America … (1) We will spread out through the American diaspora. We lost the 2016 election because we were too concentrated in certain states. We will migrate to your lily-white States (which are falling like dominoes) and vote. Wait 10 years and see who rules the roost! You will see the “Californication” of America … your future Presidents will make Hillary Clinton look like Ayn Rand! (2) We will continue breeding faster than whites … make you work harder to pay for our children – so you have few children of your own. Promote “Feminism” and the LGBTQ lifestyle over traditional “Motherhood” and Parenting. The Third World tribes will handle procreation. (3) We will continue to swarm across your borders like siafu. We’ll cross your border and demand asylum… we’ll say that we’re fleeing violence, MS-13 gangs, whatever nonsense sticks … we’ll bring children and establish anchor babies ASAP. Trump’s “pipe dream” wall will never stop us… we are not cattle. You build a 10-foot wall … we’ll build 11-foot ladders – not to mention our El Chapo tunnels! The 14th Amendment is your Achilles’ heel. You can build better mouse traps … but we will become smarter mice! (4) We will control your academic curriculum… promote a common core education based on “white guilt,” identity politics and a victimization culture. Teach your children to feel sorry for “others” and hate themselves. Pit men against women… rich against poor… black against white. We already own your Millennial Generation! “Give me 4 years to teach the children… and the seeds I sow will never be uprooted.” (5) We will leverage Religion – Preach altruism and socialism as the word of God and only path to Salvation. WWJD? You will welcome us “poor people” with open arms and “Turn the other cheek” whilst we colonize you without firing a shot. (6) We will use your TV/Hollywood/Internet/Social Media as a Command, Control and Communication System to promote Progressive Ideology and “poo-poo” Conservatism. Associate traditional America with Racism, Bigotry, Misogyny, Patriarchal Dominance, Homophobia, Biphobia, Transphobia, Islamophobia, Xenophobia, anti-Native and anti-Immigrant sentiment, etc. … whatever shames you. We will provide a constant reminder of historical white European sins… e.g. Colonialism, Imperialism, Slavery, Native Indian Genocide, Coolies, etc. … especially the Holocaust. We’ll promote a majority liberal Mainstream News… portray the right as heartless bullies… if we repeat anything often enough – it becomes truth! Any “Patriot” Ring Leaders who oppose us will be immediately “doxed” into submission and brought to heel. (7) We will disarm America Citizens. The Second Amendment will be slowly eroded until it is defacto repealed. We won’t let a single shooting go to waste! Associate guns with uncivilized bigotry, toxic masculinity, patriarchal barbarism and “machismo.” Exploit fear, ignorance of firearms and a “love for children” – such that you will disarm yourselves! (8) We will disguise our Socialist agenda under the cloak of “Progressive” ideology … We’ll seduce the poor with “free stuff” provided as deserved entitlements or due reparations for historical injustice. “Affirmative Action” and “Racial Quotas” will be termed (the more palatable) “Diversity” and “Inclusion.” How can you oppose those terms without being labeled a racist bigot? (9) We will convince you to waste your attention and resources on foreign affairs … e.g. Send you overseas to fight Socialism and protect the borders of other countries the average American could not find on a globe … whilst your own borders remain unprotected – and Socialism is sold to your own children like cotton candy at the World’s Fair. And most importantly (10) …. We will slowly erode your history and culture and replace it with ours. You will sever your own roots! You will tear down your own monuments. With enough guilt and shame – you will eventually erase yourselves! Che Guevara will oneday replace your “Slave Master” Thomas Jefferson on Mount Rushmore! Our plan is in play and on schedule – Your countries biggest import is future Voters … and have you seen your Millennial generation?! We will soon be the majority – the voting booth will become more powerful than your guns – and you sheeple will learn the difference between a Republic and a Democracy. What you rednecks don’t realize is that Civil Wars are no longer fought with guns… they are fought with ideas. Progressive Socialists will win without firing a shot. Guilt and shame are our modern weapons! It’s not difficult to convince the poor that they have bamboozled by the rich. It’s a sure win! The great Pre-Columbian Civilizations never died – they were only suppressed by European Imperialism. The natives are returning with a vengeance. It’s time for you white Colonialists to pay back the ancestors of the Slaves who put the silver spoons in your mouths. As the great Alinsky said: “Use their own rules against them.” If we follow this 10-point plan – the Chickens will soon come home to roost in America! Post Script: You can’t stop the Socialist movement … All you Trump voters have done is dig your own grave. You people switch between Republicans and Democrats like a drowning rat, clinging to a fecal log, swims to the other side of a cesspool – only to find the level rises on both sides. You need to accept the fundamental change of this country. You can no longer stop the movement. We will establish lazyfaire Socialism and achieve a Progressive Egalitarian Utopia (PEU). Your future is Diversity, Inclusion and Multiculturalism (DIM). Your own Statute of Liberty says “Give me your huddled masses yearning to breed free.” Watch “Planet of the Apes” if you still don’t understand. I know you right wingers will say that Socialism always fails … but after 3,000 years, we’ve finally thought of everything! By the time you figure out who the “We” is – it will be too late. Here’s a hint: “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.” Your best option is to wake-up and accept reality – Nations, borders and demographics are constantly changing. There is not a single acre of land on the planet that belongs to its original inhabitants. Look at how the Americas have changed since Columbus… Look at how Australia has changed since Captain Cook founded Botany Bay…. and Europe since the Fall of Constantinople (and recent African migrations). Why should the USA be any different? You people think electing Trump was a victory? This is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. It’s not even the end of the beginning! You rednecks thought guns = power. The modern world is driven by ideas – not guns. A Social Justice Warrior with a computer is more powerful than 1,000 rednecks with AR-15s. You right-wingers think compromising (pandering) to the left will help your kind? You poor amateurs! They see that feeble gesture as weakness to be further exploited. I kept my mouth shut for years … My warning comes too late – you are like frogs sleeping in slowly boiling water with no place to jump to. Once we become the majority, Democracy will be your hanging noose which you were forced to tie. Time is on our side… and we can afford to be tardy. Educating you Americanos is like trying to sell roses at a fish market! Wake up America and smell the Socialism! Your new leash will be short! El pueblo unido jamás será vencido!

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4 Responses to Commie’s have to Commie

  1. 173dVietVet says:

    My opinion of this “Warning Manifesto” is that this was written by a very well educated and astute Conservative provocateur. His purpose was to throw cold water onto the sleeping American conservatives and patriots by exposing each and every facet of Communist ideology as shown through their goals.

    It is a very clever and effective technique.

    This should be a wake up call to those fence-sitters ad reluctant Sheeple who are focused on their TV News/propaganda shows, sports and other ways of wasting one’s life in front of the Boob Tube….

    Unfortunately, few will read this in its entirety and only a few will thereby be energized to begin to act.

    Note well: The future reveals harsh truths to those afraid of committing to the heavy effort it takes to peer over the horizon.

    Steel yourselves Patriots !!

    • Hans says:

      The embedded, but unattributed, quotes from Orwell and Churchill support your hypothesis.

  2. Rabbi Will says:

    Read Deuteronomy 25-30 you will see that we were warned!

  3. Montana says:

    Even though I believe the book of Revelation is the last chapter of this saga doesn’t mean I’m not gonna make them work for every square inch of my AO.The GOD I serve is not the author of evil.not my will but thy will be done.

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