Compare and Contrast the TEA Party and Occupy Wall Street

I attended the Occupy Raleigh event today (October 15, 2011) in order to film the four hours of speakers and singers. Here are some observations of other Raleigh TEA Party events vs. Occupy Raleigh.

1. TEA Party events start with a prayer. Occupiers do not mention the Lord or church. God was mentioned one time at the Occupy Raleigh event.

2. TEA Party events have the American and State flags present at the podium. Occupiers do not have flags present at the podium.

3. TEA Party events start with a pledge of allegiance. Occupiers do not say the pledge of allegiance since they do not display the flag.

4. TEA Party events have a slate of Republican speakers. Occupiers have a slate of Democrat and union speakers.

5. TEA Party events criticize the government and the Federal Reserve. Occupiers events criticize the government and the Federal Reserve.

6. Governor Perdue tried to stop the TEA Party at the Capitol last year. The Occupiers had a four hour permit which they tried to get extended (video coming) from the Governor’s office by Bill Faison (D) – Chapel Hill, NC.

7. TEA Party attendees want to stop wasteful government spending. Occupiers want the government to forgive their mortgage and college debt by having the rich pay their “fair share” in taxes.

8. The breakdown in attendance by race was about the same for both types of events (there were a few more Hispanic Occupiers). However, TEA Party events are racist and Occupier events are not racist.

9. TEA Party events are ignored by the local media. Occupier events are ignored by the local media.

10. Both types of events were non-violent but revolution and rebellion are not mentioned at TEA Party events. This was the first event that I attended where security cameras were in place to monitor the crowd.

11. TEA Party events are respectful of the police. Occupiers stated that they were respectful of the police but that the police are cranky from being overpaid and overworked. A text alert system was in place and explained to the occupiers how to report police arrests or police issues.

12. TEA Party events uphold the Constitution and our founding principles. Occupiers did not recognize or discuss the Constitution.

13. TEA Party attendees do not get arrested. Occupiers want to get arrested to further their goals.

14. TEA Party attendees know that the United States is a Constitutional Republic. Occupiers think they live in a Democracy.

David DeGerolamo

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2 Responses to Compare and Contrast the TEA Party and Occupy Wall Street

  1. Rosa says:

    #8? Tea party racist? Wrong!

    • admin says:

      Number 8 speaks for itself: there is nothing racist about reporting the truth.

      The Occupy Movement has received the endorsement of both the Communist Party and the Nazi Party. Imagine if the TEA Party had received these endorsements.

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