Concerning Lynda Bennett, Jane Billelo and The Truth

The above is a portion of this PDF. I have previously written about the collusion surrounding Mark Meadows, Lynda Bennett and Jane Bilello for the transfer of power of the US House of Representatives seat in the 11th District of North Carolina. As stated in the post:

Jane Bilello blew a fuse, aiming all manner of hostility directed to Eddie Cabe and myself. This is where the e-mail dialog begins. Make yourself some popcorn, relax and enjoy…

I recommend reading this transcript for several reasons:

  1. It shows how little regard the Asheville TEA PAC has for recommending candidates based on qualifications and character.
  2. While several people and outlets have stated that the audio where Lynda Bennett declares herself a never Trumper has been edited, the information embedded in the PDF validates the audio as factual. As do the people that I personally contacted tonight to verify the recording
  3. I believe it is the responsibility of the people to do their own research on political candidates before casting a vote. Votes should not be cast based on endorsements by Political Action Groups. And votes definitely should not be cast based on the recommendation of an existing representatives in this case who is more interested in anointing his chosen replacement instead of the best qualified candidate.
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It appears that people in the 11th District are now in the second phase where the truth is violently opposed.

Will we have time to have the truth become self-evident before the primary? Ask yourself a simple question: why are the people leading the charge against Lynda Bennett the ones who personally know her?

David DeGerolamo

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4 Responses to Concerning Lynda Bennett, Jane Billelo and The Truth

  1. william papke says:

    I listened to the entire 36’39” audio the clip came clip. There is no doubt the clip was edited to provide a false sound bite of what Bennett said. Bennett made an overly dramatic rendition of what she had been hearing from nevertrumpers. At about 1’29” she says “I’m a never trump person, that’s what I’m hearing”. Then she says “never trump is a big movement.” and at about 2’30” she says very clearly. “I’m being facetious”. If you listen to the whole thing she was making the point that there were a lot of nevertrumpers [in 2016] in Haywood County. At about 19’04” someone says “she’s for trump” then someone else says “You need to stop the facetiousness because people don’t know you. People don’t know your sense of humor.” She was clearly taken out of context.

  2. Angela Phillips says:

    The real unedited audio in its entirety of Lynda Bennett doing a skit is on this link

  3. johnny says:

    Handy-Dandy Summary of Lynda Bennett in the News. 2/29/2020…

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