Coronavirus: Time To Prepare Is Running Out

The CDC is claiming that the US is not seeing “community level” spreading of the virus. But of course it isn’t, because it’s NOT testing at the community level. And only 3 US states currently have the capacity to run such tests, due to faulty kits being provided to the other states.

Then there’s State Department’s botched rescue of US citizens stuck on the Diamond Princess cruise ship, during which poor safety controls allowed 25 more folks to get infected on the flight back to the US.

And these are the authorities we’re depending on??

China, meanwhile, is lowering response levels in several provinces, setting the stage for workers to head back to the factories. BUT…they’ve postponed the National People’s Conference. So, it’s still too serious for the the ‘important’ people to be in public, but the plebes have nothing to worry about??

China is facing a lose-lose decision: maintain their widespread quarantines to contain the virus, but kill their economy? Or send people back to work, and risk infecting millions more?

Today, the markets *finally* started to show concern for the hit global trade is taking from this growing crisis. If the euphoria pushing markets to new highs is dissipating, there is an awful lot of empty space below today’s asset prices compared to their fundamentals-based valuations. Translation = the markets can fall a LOT farther from here.

To reiterate our guidance: the time to prepare — physically and financially — is NOW. As China, Italy, South Korea, Iran and other countries are showing us, a government lockdown happens swiftly, slamming shut your window to act. Use the time you still have as the precious gift it is, and strengthen your preparations.

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2 Responses to Coronavirus: Time To Prepare Is Running Out

  1. Millard Blanchard says:

    “We’re from the government and we are here to help.”

  2. Gryphon says:

    FWIW, I rather doubt that Actions such as boarding up people in apartment buildings and Arresting anyone on the Streets like in China is even remotely possible in the FUSA. I Do see the method used in Italy, blocking Roads in a small Geographic area, as this allows for the Control of Food and other supplies into it. Having several Months of Food and other supplies will be essential to your Survival, as well as Avoiding any contact with possible Zombies, and government agents.

    Time to Load all the Magazines….

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