Coronavirus: World Leaders Now In Panic Mode

As the coronavirus outbreak enters the BOOM! phase in a fast-increasing number of countries across the globe, world leaders are scrambling to implement tighter and tougher controls.

Sadly, most of these desperate official actions will be necessary but insufficient. The time to adopt China’s heavy-handed tactics was weeks ago. At this point, the virus’ spread is assured; we can only play to slow its rate now. Which we should.

Heart-breaking videos from health care workers show the hard choices being made in overwhelmed hospitals, forced to decide who lives and who dies as each new patient enters the overflowing emergency rooms.

More of this is coming – a lot more – including truly gargantuation fiscal relief packages, in the coming weeks as we ride up, up, up the exponential curve of covid-19 infections.

How well will these extreme actions work? Time will tell. Right now, we just have to ride out the storm as best we’re able.

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2 Responses to Coronavirus: World Leaders Now In Panic Mode

  1. Hans says:

    In a comment on my post “Have You Heard The Good News?”, I made the following statement: The only real outcome from testing, to date, is to establish an infection baseline that exposes the actual mortality rate, a low number that decreases with each publication, rather than the early sensationalized (erroneous) data that was shouted by the media.

    Here is the latest on mortality calculations presented by Gateway Pundit:

    The US coronavirus mortality rate dipped to 1.0% on Sunday using deaths (396) divided by confirmed cases (38,167).

    That number is actually SIGNIFICANTLY lower if you factor in ALL OF THE CASES that are not being reported, where people are not feeling sick enough to be tested.
    That number could be 6-7 times higher than the current number of 38,167.

    The mortality rate for the coronavirus in the US continues to fall as more and more Americans are able to be tested.

    12 days ago the US coronavirus mortality rate was 4.06
    Today the mortality rate is down to 1.25%!

    4.06% March 8 (22 deaths of 541 cases)
    3.69% March 9 (26 of 704)
    3.01% March 10 (30 of 994)
    2.95% March 11 (38 of 1,295)
    2.52% March 12 (42 of 1,695)
    2.27% March 13 (49 of 2,247)
    1.93% March 14 (57 of 2,954)
    1.84% March 15 (68 of 3,680)
    1.6% March 17 (116 of 7,301)
    1.4% March 19 (161 of 11,329)
    1.25% March 20 (237 of 18,845)
    01.0% March 22 (396 of 38,167

    Thanks to the fraudulent numbers by the WHO the global economies are in a complete meltdown over the coronavirus panic.

    Now, after several days of testing, the numbers are starting to look more and more like what you would expect from a harsh flu season.

    ** The 1918 Spanish Flu Pandemic killed 675,000 out of US population of 103,268,000 or about — 1 in 200
    ** The 2020 Coronavirus has killed 396 (so far) out of a population of 333,546,000 or a little more than — 1 in a million

    As we have reported several times now — the Director of the World Health Organization created an international panic when he miscalculated the coronavirus mortality rate at 3.4%.


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