CW2: Breaking Down the “Conflict” in Low Intensity Conflict

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2 Responses to CW2: Breaking Down the “Conflict” in Low Intensity Conflict

  1. SWRichmond says:


    If you were my S2 I would ask you “so what?” What good is the information presented? How is it actionable? We already know:

    1. The left is a conglomeration of lazy disaffected outsiders enthralled with the idea of taking other people’s stuff, egged on by actual motivated communists.
    2. The left is “not attached to the land” (they live in urban shitholes)
    3. The conservatives are white working class in flyover country who grow food, make stuff in the real world, and mostly otherwise want to be left alone.
    4. Rich people want to hang on to their wealth and power and will ultimately have to pick a side. But they already have: they’re on THEIR SIDE. See also: Davos.

    What exactly is the value of the information you’ve presented? Not trolling, this is not a rhetorical question. What is the insight to be gained from the presentation?

  2. Bob says:

    SWRichmond, I agree with you. He told us the what but offered no specifics on the Who. Also even with the data where are the recommended COA’s with associated risk matrix. Data for data’s sake is not very useful.

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