Decide What Your Tipping Point Will Be Now

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Brandon Smith recently wrote the following conclusion:

The bottom line is this – The difference between leftists and conservatives is stark. Leftists consistently use violence, fear, intimidation, destruction and censorship to get what they want. Conservatives have not. Leftists and their corporate donors want to oppress and control people. Conservatives just want to be free.

In the face of such zealotry, conservatives and even moderates are going to become violent because frankly, there are few other options. One man’s freedom fighter is another man’s terrorist. Labels are meaningless, it’s what a person fights for that matters.

So, when I hear the political left and their screeching about the inhumanity of the Capitol Hill protest, I have to laugh. These people have no concept of what is right and what is wrong; they spit on the very idea of moral compass and conscience. They only seek to win at any cost. Their hypocrisy is unmatched, so why should we care what they think? Let the rebellion continue.

Wes Rhinier posted the beginning of Mr. Smith’s article earlier. I strongly encourage people read the entire piece. The enemy has put us in a pot, turned the heat up to boil and then vilifies us when we react. President Trump had to make a speech calling for non-violence before he can enact the Insurrection Act. Is he being forced to make this action? I believe the enemy has taken all contingencies into consideration of their takeover. A false flag at this time would suit their purposes very well. And who will take the fall?

No one is discussing the Biden administration’s policy. What happens if Joe Biden initiates the Insurrection Act? We will effectively be locked in our homes if our jobs are considered non-essential based on political expediency based on COVID. Information will be limited to state mandated television and radio. In other words, we would be sheep in a pen being led to slaughter.

I could be wrong. I hope I am wrong. I only want people to consider the consequences of a large scale government operation run by President Harris. We know what she did in California to innocent people of all races. How long will it take for Kamala to be in charge? Whoever is pulling the strings already has placed her in charge as Joe Biden has let slipped on multiple occasions.

We should all consider what our tipping point will be. Now.

David DeGerolamo

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  1. tangle says:

    “President Trump had to make a speech calling for non-violence before he can enact the Insurrection Act. ”

    Why do we continue the narrative that Trump is going to do anything? I do ask that out of all sincerity.

    “Information will be limited to state mandated television and radio.”

    There are ways to communicate other than the stupid freaking app you have on your phone and MSM. There is HF comms, if it is done right. There are things that can be done on a computer to communicate halfway safely (nothing is secret once it leaves your head).

    My tipping point was about 15 years ago. I have no use for the system we live in and try less and less as time goes on to participate in it.

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