Defund the Police

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For your consideration:

  1. Our country is under attack by domestic enemies.
  2. The media and government are supporting the attacks.
  3. The new label for their cause is “cancel culture”.
  4. The funding and organization of the insurgency is carefully hidden but we know it is the Democrat Party with the help of the Republican Party.
  5. The Democrat Party’s continual marginalization of the Trump administration culminating in his impeachment had no consequences.
  6. The pandemic took center stage in the country after the impeachment hearing allowing their collusion to go unpunished.
  7. The Democrats realized that the Republican Party was a paper tiger.
  8. The Democrats used the death of one man to launch their insurgency nationwide.
  9. As each step progressed, they watched for the consequences.
  10. Since there were no consequences, they “upped” their attacks.
  11. If Glenn Beck is correct, George Soros has manipulated the district attorney elections across the country for years in order to support this insurgency.
  12. The local legal system and authorities have told the police to stand down and let the “protesters” have their 1st Amendment rights.
  13. Any attempts to defend ourselves or our rights have been marginalized or resulted in legal charges.
  14. As we watch our heritage be destroyed as the means to overthrow our nation, the other side is winning. Consistently.
  15. So if we have no police who will defend us, why are we paying them to tacitly stand by?
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8 Responses to Defund the Police

  1. Timothy E. Tucker says:

    Well said. David.

  2. brewer55 says:

    Very well stated. I could not agree more. What is the answer to this madness?

  3. oldtimer505 says:

    This has all been said before. The big question is, when will the people get their bellies full of the bull crap and stand up? It is getting really late in the game folks. There is going to be blood shed. It remains to be seen just how much and when.

  4. William Shaw says:

    Well said. But the fact remains… We are now a subjugated class of humanity in our own country. We hold significant economic and political power but we don’t effectively use it. We have the numbers and the arms to bring about actual revolution and restoration of the country but we don’t use it. We don’t defy, we comply. We don’t resist, we submit. We don’t do shit. We are just words. We have a 2nd Amendment put in place for exactly this scenario -- -- but we aren’t using it. We are sheep: unwilling sheep, captive sheep, restrained sheep, frustrated sheep, abused sheep, exploited sheep, concerned sheep, unhappy sheep, angry sheep -- -- but still sheep.

    • brewer55 says:

      Sadly you are correct. We are so close to this whole mess going kinetic.
      Where is a true leader that lead us out of this mess…and I don’t mean as POTUS.

      • Paraclete says:

        Actually, there shouldn’t be a “real” or “individual”
        leader for the coming restoration movement.
        If one should arise, it would be easy for our enemies
        to pick him/her off and decapitate the entire effort.
        No, we as American survivalists, we know what
        needs to be done…and when.
        Five to ten man fire teams.
        Engaging independently, working towards the same goal.
        As stated, yes, this is about to go kinetic.
        We’re walking a very fine tight rope at the moment.
        If we move too soon, we lose all public support.
        This is essential to success.
        Some refer to this as the “moral high road”.
        Yes, the time of stepping off the “line or departure”
        is fast approaching…You’ll recognize it, trust me.
        It’ll be hard to avoid seeing it. As Mark Koernke says,
        “That distraction that you’re trying to ignore, is the
        fight which you’ve been preparing for.”
        The time has arrived, we’re all on yellow light stand by.
        When the green light goes on…you’ll know it.
        Finish all lose end preps, as best as one can…and Pray.

  5. pnoldguy says:

    The people won’t wake up. For two generations our schools and colleges have turned out kids unable to see beyond the media talking points. The “woke” generation is unable to think critically and are not motivated to seek the truth. Whatever they read on Twitter is taken as gospel. Research is just too hard.
    Their parents are inflicted with normalcy bias and don’t believe any of this is other than isolated events. They will not wake up until it affects them personally and by then it will be too late. They can’t fight a war they are unprepared for.

  6. Matt says:

    Re: 15… the police will not defend you. The idea that they would, or that somehow they’re on the side of righteousness is a fallacy. They are paid employees loyal to the person signing their paycheck and holding the strings of thrive retirement account. At best they’re a neutral party, at worst they’re your enemy. Plan accordingly.

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