Democrats Are Stupid and I Can Prove It

The Democrat Party has admitted that they rigged their primary elections in 2016 so that Hillary Clinton would receive the nomination. All of the people who voted in their primaries, regardless of their choice, were just wasting their time. What do you call people who think they are doing something useful but are actually being manipulated so that their actions are irrelevant? And the secondary proof: when told that the Democrat primaries were rigged, they did not have the intelligence to understand it.

Kind of reminds me of how Romney rigged the RNC convention against Ron Paul supporters.

David DeGerolamo

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1 Response to Democrats Are Stupid and I Can Prove It

  1. bogsidebunny says:

    The Bern a consummate Socialist “people’s choice” accepted a very lucrative “gift” to keep his yap shut. And like a good Socialist who wants to level the economic playing field he did with gusto.

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