Diamond and Silk thoughts about David Duke, The Democrats and The KKK

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One Response to Diamond and Silk thoughts about David Duke, The Democrats and The KKK

  1. Beth says:

    My God, that is gut grabbing. Donald Trump and all of the rest are all the same, Dem’s, Rep, extremists………….who you need to really look at for slavery, slave ships, plantations, making alcohol to trade for slaves, etc are the same ones who run the white house, the Congress, Homeland security, Komen, DHS, and more even the food banks, yes people the same ones who brought America the illegal act of the Talmudic Noahide laws of 1991 signed by George Bush, Senior and pushed by the Lubavitch movement.. meant only as law for all goyim-gentiles. 2 days, 4 members only and it remains unchallenged to this day 2016.
    the same ones all the candidates are running to defend and allow to control this nation, the Zionists.
    They claim to be Jews but are not Jews, and girls, Trumps daughter is married to a Zionist. Our Congress sends Israel billions of dollars of Americans money each year while we are jobless, in poverty, homeless and lack education and true and proper health care. Not even real Jews can tolerate these demons. Jewsnotzionists, truetorahjews, brother nathanael, and more. LEARN QUICKLY. There are no candidates for President, they are all trolls for the communist Zionist.

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