Do Not Let North Carolina Become the First State to Fall this Year into the COSP Clutches!

From Publius Huldah:
So far this year it’s 17 wins for us 0 wins for COSP.  Here are the States where we have defeated COSP applications for an Article V convention this year:   Idaho, New Hampshire, South Dakota, Wyoming, Utah, Kansas, West Virginia, Mississippi, Kentucky, Nebraska, Maryland,  Washington State,  Maine, Iowa, South Carolina, Vermont, and Minnesota.
Well, you can’t let North Carolina be the first State to fall this year into the COSP clutches!
So please write the letters.  Letters matter.
If you can, make telephone calls – and even better, personal visits to their offices.
And your Speaker is on the Dark Side – so we can’t take a win for granted.
Here’s the blast info!
From: Judi Caler
Date: Wed, May 23, 2018 at 1:47 PM
Subject: Urgent Blast Alert against North Carolina SJR36

Mark Meckler and arm-twister-in-chief Tom Coburn were in North Carolina lobbying yesterday (Tues. May 22) — so we need to follow them and keep up the heat! Coburn was giving away autographed copies of his book, now a year old (ho-hum). Was second prize two copies?

As you may recall, last year SJR36 (COSP) was voted down on the House floor 53-59 (8 absent) on June 29, 2017.

But a reconsideration vote was held within hours, and 13 of the 19 Republicans who had voted against SJR36, voted for reconsideration. So, another vote looks likely at any time within the next few weeks. We need to let NC representatives know how controversial this bill is and that we’re still watching them.

We don’t know if the 13 Republicans who voted to reconsider were just being courteous by voting for reconsideration; or if some might change their vote to favor SJR36.

Meckler will be targeting the 13 who voted for reconsideration, hoping to turn their “No” vote on SJR36 around. We must focus on them also, as we can’t afford to lose their “No” votes.

Please let NC representatives know that not one state has passed COSP legislation since May 12, 2017 and that legislators nationwide are catching on to the dangers of an A5C.


HERE and attached is our new political cartoon!

HERE and attached is our flyer explaining why NC legislators should defeat SJR36.

HERE and attached is our Brilliant Men flyer.

HERE is my latest article proving that Meckler tells state legislators whatever they need to hear to get their votes.

At 40 seconds into THIS VIDEO, COSP attorney Robert Kelly admits that the subject “the power and jurisdiction of the federal government” which is written into every COSP application, is broad enough to “amend” the bulk of the Constitution!


Please write all 120 NC House members and ask them to VOTE “No” on SJR36 (HJR44). Make sure the bill # on subject line:

First priority are the 13 NC Republicans below who voted “No” on SJR36 and “Yes” on reconsiderationAsk them to hold firm and vote “No” should SJR36 be brought up on the House floor again:

Dear Representative:,Beverly.,Dana.,George.,Josh.,Nelson.,John.,John.,Kelly.,Craig.Horn@,Linda.Johnson@ncleg. net,,L

Next are 51 (hopefully firm) “No” votes. This includes the 40 Dems and 6 Republicans who voted “No” on both SJR36 and Reconsideration, plus the 5 Dems who were absent and probably would have voted “No” if present. Ask them to hold firm and make sure they’re present to vote “No” if SJR36 comes up on the floor again.

Dear Representative:,Jonat han.Jordan@ncleg.netLarry.Pittman@ncleg.netMichael.Speciale@ncleg.netJo,Harry.,

Gale.Adcock@ncleg.netJohn.Ager@ncleg.netKelly.,John.,,Beverly.Earle@ncleg.netJean.,S,Ken.Goodman@ncleg.netGeorge.Graham@ncleg.netCharl es.Graham@ncleg.netDuane.,,,Grier. Martin@ncleg.netgraig.meyer@ncleg.netMickey.Michaux@ncleg.netRodn,Marcia. Morey@ncleg.netGarland.Pierce@ncleg.netAmos,robert.,,

Next, please write to Speaker Tim Moore and ask him not to bring SJR36 up for a floor vote. He spoke in favor of the bill during the 2017 debate, and Wynne on the ground said his main interest is in a Balanced Budget Amendment which NC already passed decades ago!

Dear Speaker Moore:

And Last are all 51 Republicans who voted YES with Speaker Moore in 2017 and 4 Republicans who were absent.  Let’s change their opinion with our letters. Please ask all 55 Republicans below to vote “No” should SJR36 come up again on the House floor.

Dear Representative:


Jay.Adams@ncleg.netDean.Arp@ncleg.netHugh.Blackwell@ncleg.netJohn.Blust@ncleg.netJamie.Boles@ncleg.netJohn. Bradford@ncleg.netBill.,,,Jon.Hardister@ncleg.netCody.Henson@ncleg.netJulia.Howard@ncleg.netPat.Hurley@ncleg.netFrank.Iler@ncleg.netBrenden.,,David.,


Thank you for defending our Constitution!

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5 Responses to Do Not Let North Carolina Become the First State to Fall this Year into the COSP Clutches!

  1. Publius Huldah says:

    Thank you! Write those emails! and if you can, please make calls and personal visits!

  2. David says:

    Are you people out of your minds? The Convention of States is the only way we can get the swamp drained. They sit up there in all their power and glory and laugh at all of you after you have elected them. How ever is passing this crap around is a low life democRat, lying threw his teeth.

    • David says:

      We are looking at history repeating itself. Do your research on how the founding fathers “amended” the Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union.

  3. Josh says:

    I too am confused. Could you point me in the direction of some info to support your argument opposing the COSP. Thanks.

    • Publius Huldah says:

      for starters, read the linked documents in Judi Caler’s alert which David posted just above.

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