Do We Have Nancy’s Laptop?

Sent to me by a friend this morning….

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  1. Sam Coy says:

    I trust no one except Christ and Him crucified. All news sites are suspect, no matter their “political” leaning. I trust no one in politics…no one, doubly so at the federal level.

    Get your stuff in order, you, I, we, are on our own. If you are so inclined, pray Psalms 91 over your house and family.

    There is no Republic left to save, it drowned long ago in the quadrillion dollar derivatives debt. Its corpse will be picked clean by the Chinese and Russians.

  2. tangle says:

    There comes a point where “trust the plan” becomes battered wife syndrome.

    Let be honest, who do we hope have the laptop? Trump, the guy that flew on the Lolita Express, let Hillary skate, played along with the COVID crap, spent more money than any leader in the history of the world, let his supporters hang while they walked to the capital?

    Maybe the military? The ones that continued to take orders for 8 years under an illegitimate president, support al Qaeda forces in Libya, trained ISIS force in Jordan, protects poppy fields in Afghanistan so the heroin can be shipped to the US and peddled to your kids to support terrorist?

    Maybe, just maybe we have been played for decades. Maybe there has been controlled opposition and that we follow. They just give you enough hope to string you along, to keep you idle. To tell you there is something better than what you have today. All the while the chains where being made and now being tightened on your wrist. Maybe, just maybe it is so.

    It is time to realize that you are the only one that can make the change.. Turn to God, ask for forgiveness for you and the country, repent of the sins that you confessed, start talking to your local community and get ready for that is about to happen. It is God’s judgement for a nation that has spit in His face way too many times.

    • Gourdhead says:

      For your grossly ill-informed edification, President Trump has never flown on the Lolita Express. You are mixing him up with Klinton.

      • tangle says:

        In 1997 he did. This is old new, like when he stated that Epstein was a nice guy and like young women to the FBI. This was news 10 plus years ago. You can even see the flight log.

  3. Mike says:

    You’re right. To Quote HRC “What difference does it make”. When the Political Class is immune from prosecution for their Crimes, we’ve lost our Country.

  4. 173dVietVet says:

    Letter seems to me to be a spoof.

    If Nanzi is a confidant of Commie Ted, she would in fact sign with just her first name. Why would she think it necessary to inartfully scribble in her “PeeLoosely” name?

    If she made a mistake in signing her first name and then decided that both names were needed, she would have the letter retyped and sign it in her normal fashion.

    Just seems too good to be true, as most spoofs are……..(Note: I am not saying the sentiments the letter expressed are not 100% accurate)

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